April 13, 2022

Top 5 Sports for Girls to Try This Year

Introducing kids to sports at an early age is an excellent way to make them fall in love with volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, skating, or any other sports you think they might enjoy. Not only will it be beneficial for their shape but their overall well-being as well. The earlier a child starts to practice sports, the better stamina they will build for later years. So, if you’re having trouble deciding what to have your little girl try first, we have a few suggestions.


Gymnastics is one of the favourite sports for girls because it helps build slender bodies and allows them to become agile and coordinated. If you think your little girl has enough determination and dedication to fully commit to the sports, and persevere, take her to watch one practice and allow her to try it out. Sometimes children need parents to be the wind that will push them towards greatness, so if a child seems indecisive, encourage her to do it a few times and see whether she’ll like it or not. There’s always an option of dancing or volleyball right around the corner.

Ice skating
Is your little one a fan of winter, snow and white idyllic ambience? Does she like to skate recreationally too? If so, you should see how she'd do it if she started practising regularly. Ice skating is one of the most popular winter sports that requires plenty of dedication and effort but offers so much fulfilment and satisfaction in return. It will be particularly interesting for a girl to participate in an ice skating competition because she'll have a chance to wear colourful suits and costumes too. Plus, if she’s a fan of Frozen, ice skating will be the closest to Elsa and Anna, she shouldn't miss out on experiencing it.


Speaking of other opportunities, dancing is one of those sports that lets you project all of your creativity and blow off steam in the best way, by breaking sweats as you dance your heart out. Children are naturally chipper and love to dance, so why not give your girl an opportunity to do it with a group of people and an instructor who will lead her in the right way with her moves. Get her all the necessary training equipment like quality girls’ Capri leggings and a top to keep her moving and feeling comfortable. Don't forget dance-friendly sneakers with good ankle support that will have her going for hours. Dancing is excellent for building lean muscle and shaping a slender figure later in the teenage and adult years.

When you decide to teach your girl how to participate in a team sport, volleyball is one of the best sports to start with. It's very recreational, and your little one will be able to practice it anytime, anywhere. All it takes is a backyard and a few friends to form one team that doesn’t even have to compete but simply practice moves between each other. Beach volley is an excellent choice for summer fun in the sun.


Cross country
Once children start to walk, they’ll begin to run soon after. Once that happens, you’ll have trouble catching up with them and don’t even try to stop them. Does your girl love to run all the time? See whether she'd be a good cross-country competitor and sign her up for running. Running is the perfect full-body exercise that offers excellent cardio training and allows your girl to stay fit.

If you're having trouble deciding on the ideal sport to suggest to your little girl, check out the list above. Regardless of the choice that you make, your little girl will enjoy it to the fullest. In case she doesn't like it long-term, you always have a backup with other options until she finds her cup of tea. As long as she is practising a sport, you won't have to worry about her becoming obese and turning quickly into a couch potato.

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