August 8, 2022

Food That I Want To Try When I Visit South Korea

My travels have always revolved around food and what else is there to experience culture and get to know a place than explore the local cuisine. It’s not only BTS that is my driving force to visit South Korea, but also the Korean cuisine. You have no idea how long I have been dreaming of the day to eat legit/authentic Korean food! And I hope I can cross that off my bucket list soon! ⁣

My planned itinerary is Seoul-Daegu-Gangwon-Busan. I want to try the famous local dishes native to each place. ⁣ 
I also want to try the street food in food markets in Seoul and Daegu (heard Daegu has one of the ultimate streetfood especially the flaming makchang and banana uyu ppang!). Let’s not forget samgyeopsal of course! I want to try it from those little eateries to get the most authentic samgyeop experience! ⁣ 

soondubu jjigae                                                meat skewers

Also, one of my ultimate dreams when I visit South Korea, is to eat at one of those seafood street stalls in Busan! I heard also of these lobster street stalls there too where they serve lobster dishes and even raw octopus! ⁣ 

                                    Busan seafood market                                              eomukguk
kimchi                                                        samgyeopsal

Can’t wait to exclaim “masisseoyo” with every dish I’m going to devour! How about you, if you are given the chance to travel to South Korea, which food would you want to try?⁣ 

jeon (fritters/pancakes)                                       Korean cold noodles

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Photo Credits:
πŸ“· Busan Seafood Market
πŸ“· eomukguk
πŸ“· jeon
πŸ“· meat skewers
πŸ“· soondubu jjigae
πŸ“· samgyeopsal
πŸ“· kimchi
πŸ“· Korean cold noodles

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