August 15, 2022

Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in Vintage Style

Comfortable, classy, and never goes out of style – the vintage style bedroom is something most girls dream of. Since antique chic is making a comeback, more furniture brands are making pieces that mimic the classic lines of old solid-wood furniture. Check out these tips to bring a dash of vintage to your bedroom.

Embrace Dark Finishes
The first thing we tend to think about when we mention a vintage design, is old, decorative furniture made from dark solid wood. Dark finishes exude luxury, and will definitely give your bedroom a warm, vintage feel to it. Stain your hardwood floors in a deep hue, and watch it make your antique furniture pop. To add extra drama, choose any jewel-toned paint for your walls. This is particularly practical if you have a small bedroom full of dark furniture, since light-colored walls may make it seem smaller.

Decorate With Antique Books
Aside from vintage furniture, there is nothing that will better contribute to the antique design of your bedroom than old, hard-bound books. They are a piece of accessory that is both useful and very decorative. You can be smart about it and strategically place bundles around your room, just for a touch of antique charm. On the other hand, if you are a real bookworm, you can even add a vintage bookshelf to an empty corner of your bedroom, and fill it with your favorite classics.

Use antique wallpaper  
Something that every Victorian-era bedroom features is extremely colorful wallpaper. Intricate botanical wallpaper sets the ambiance, and you can go from very light and subdued, to very dark and intense, depending on the rest of your furniture. If you fear that ornamental wallpaper might be too imposing, we suggest you try placing them on just one accent wall, preferably the one behind your headboard. However, if you have very light furniture with fine lines, then we would suggest choosing equally light wallpaper with soft, elegant patterns.

Hang Antique Wall Mirrors
Just like books, antique mirrors beautifully set the vintage tone you’re looking for. Whether it’s mounted to the wall, or if it’s a standing mirror, it not only introduces more light to your bedroom, but it makes the space seem larger.Hang a vintage or antique mirror on the wall opposite to or adjacent a window so it can reflect as much light as possible. If the mirror has an antique gilt frame, that’s just an added plus. Frames like that can be incorporated into any style, and they add an air of class to your bedroom.

Use antique furniture
This may be a bit obvious, but the most important thing is to use antique furniture. The furniture doesn’t have to be old per se, but it should mimic the design and finish of old solid wood or wrought iron. You can either go all out, and have all your furniture and décor be vintage-style, or you can have a couple of accent pieces around which you plan your room. For example, it’s enough to have an intricate bedframe and a couple of vintage pieces, like a vanity or dresser, in your room to achieve a vintage look. Just add some vintage décor, intricate wallpaper and there you have it.

Introduce antique patterns
Vintage patterns and prints don’t just have to be on your walls, but you can introduce them through bed linen, curtains, various throws and covers, and pillowcases. Quilts are a classic piece of American textile history, and they will work wonderfully in an old barn-house-styled bedroom. There are no set style rules when it comes to the vintage look, so let rip with a riot of blowsy floral print cushions, and crocheted blankets. Stick to a pretty ice cream palette with soft, washed-out fabrics and let the patterns merge and mingle rather than clash.

Add a vintage rug
Lastly, we come to the often-forgotten piece that will simply bring the whole room together and add warmth – the area rug. Whether you have a family heirloom, or if you bought a vintage-style copy, it doesn’t matter. Vintage style rugs are making a comeback, and they will certainly do wonders for a vintage style bedroom. You can use them to break the monotony, or establish a color palette. In any case, vintage rugs are a classic that never goes out of style.

Creating a vintage style bedroom was never an easy task. But by following our advice, you can rest assured that you will have no problem in achieving the desired look of your bedroom. Just add vintage statement pieces, antique décor, and bring it all together with colorful wallpaper and a beautiful vintage rug. You’ll have a room fit for a starlet in no time.

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