August 3, 2022

Make Online Board Games A Fun Family Activity!

When I was kid, I am one of those who enjoy both outdoor games and indoor games. Unlike the generation that followed mine, I was still able to enjoy both worlds; because nowadays especially when the pandemic happened, kids can’t play outside so most of them are stuck at home, either glued to the television or computer or their tablets.

Vivid memories come flashing back of afternoons or after school where I would just hurriedly change to my home clothes so I can meet my childhood friends just to play outside. Name it, I have played almost all known outdoor games of my generation: kick ball, heaven and earth, tag, hide and seek and others. Me and my friends also loved rollerblading along our street or biking around the neighborhood. 

There are times when we can’t play outside like when it’s raining hard or just when we basically do not feel like doing things outdoors. When this happens, we end up amusing ourselves with indoor games. There are a couple of indoor games that I enjoy like card games, jack stone and board games. My mother bought a couple of board games for me and my sister and sometimes our friends would bring those that we do not have. I was fond of playing checkers, scrabble and snakes and ladders.

Up until now that I am already an adult, I still do enjoy playing board games. I did not know that playing board games actually has some benefits, all I knew all this time is that I enjoy them so much. 

Since kids nowadays are living in the digital age and are more likely to be on their computers or tablets, would it be nice if they can play games that also makes them learn? I mean, instead of them just watching Youtube videos for hours on end, parents can suggest online Math games or board games, especially math games! Perhaps if there were Math games that my parents made me play I would have been really great in Math LOL!

I recently stumbled upon this website that is a math and educational website and also offers online board games that I believe kids (and kids at heart) will surely enjoy! I played some of them and I truly enjoyed especially UNO, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe and Chutes and Ladders. I suddenly had my brain being challenged! I was transported back to my youth where I would play these games with my childhood friends! Also, there are some games on the site that are designed as multiplayer so you can even play with your friends, classmates or family members. 

Oh, did you know that playing board games gives opportunities for early learning for kids? Listen here parents, even simple games help children (and adults) for some brain stimulation and/or function as they stimulate the brain in regard to memory, complex thought processes and essential cognitive skills like decision making, reasoning processes, strategic thinking and also solving problems.

All those benefits offer constructive teaching tools for children (and adults too of course!) so why not make online board games (and some Math games perhaps) a more powerful learning tool instead of just some games or just watching videos online all day long? 

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  1. These are exciting and I must try these with my son. Do I need to register so I can play games on the site?


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