August 11, 2022

Thai Food Faves at FlowerBoy Stall #3 at the Grid Food Market Powerplant Mall

I’ve been a fan of Eat Low Brow group of restaurants ever since I tried Bad Bird because they truly deliver when it comes to taste and flavor. And for so long, I’ve been wanting to try their Flowerboy because a good Thai cuisine serving place is hard to come by. 

Fortunately, a friend of mine happen to go to Rockwell Powerplant Mall and we had a late lunch at The Grid Food Hall. Inside the food hall we found Stall No. 3 aka Flowerboy which serves non-traditional Thai food with local influences. ⁣

We decided to try the following: 

Chicken Pad Thai - savory, rich, only mildly sweet, smoky and full of umami – just the way I like it! ⁣

Bagoong Fried Rice - steamed rice topped with egg and Flowerboy’s very own bagoong, made with shrimp paste, rendered pork fat, crispy ham, and tamarind. ⁣

Fried Squid Platter - large squid rings dipped into Jaew Sauce and served with prawn crackers. I don’t know which one is the Jaew Sauce, I’m assuming it’s the green one (cuz the other one is vinegar) and it tasted so good! ⁣

Mango Sticky Rice - classic Thai dessert made of fresh mango, coconut sticky rice topped with coconut flakes. I love love their toasted coconut flakes and the coconut milk cream (which I thought was ice cream at first). I was impressed and this is the first time I encountered a mango sticky rice served like this. ⁣

Thai Iced Milk Tea - condensed milk + Thailand's most popular iced tea, Chatramue. My favorite kind of milk tea among all the milk teas I’ve ever tried! ⁣

As always, EatLowBrow did not disappoint, all the dishes were good! Definitely gonna eat there again if I find myself back in Rockwell. Also because I heard their crab omellete is good, I want to try that one next time! ⁣

- Stall #3, The Grid Food Market, 2F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City 

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