August 20, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Subic Bay Yacht Club

This is the Part II of our Subic trip. After having lunch and hanging out a bit at Xtremely Xpresso; we headed off to Subic Bay Yacht Club. SBYC is a membership-only marina/hotel/resort. But days before our trip, I have looked for places where we can spend the day in, around or near Subic.

While “extensively” searching the web, I came across the website of SBYC and browsing through, I learned that they are already offering day passes for non-members for a certain amount. I note down their contact number and called the following day to ask.

There is a  published rate in the webpage for the entrance fee and use of the pool, showers, towels and parasols. But the marketing person who I spoke with, told me that they have a new price for the day pass, the new price includes a coupon for food/recreation.  Take note that I said food and recreation; because all the other things that you want to do inside SBYC, i.e., use of basketball, volleyball, lockers, tennis, billiard table, bowling etc., has a corresponding amount. So if you’re not hungry you can use your coupon for billiards or something.

The place is quite old but well-maintained. The staff is very accommodating, attentive and respectful; they definitely know how to treat guests properly. The locker/shower rooms are huge and adequate, but you can easily notice that the place is already kind of run-down. The carpet and the bath room fixtures are slightly but obviously decrepit. The Jacuzzi room was enormous although it scared the hell out me! It made me imagining things that I only see in horror movies! LOL!

The pool… oh the pool.. It was lovely! Subic Bay Yacht Club’s pool is well designed. It’s concept makes one feel that you’re some island the fact that there’s real sand (imported from Perth Australia as per their website) that run continuously to the pools edge; wherein the pool’s floor was not tiled instead white concrete  all throughout (probably painted), which gives you the effect of a beach shore. Then there are tiny islands scattered with palm trees planted on them. Plus, there stones that make up the tiny islets and divide the two pools are like those stony parts in a beach. It was really really beautiful!

For the little ones (which I don’t have yet) there’s a kiddie swimming pool with big floating rubber or plastic turtle and hippo. Also there’s a  jungle gym and beach volleyball area.

We didn’t swim that much, it was kinda cold due to intermittent rain showers. We decided to use our food coupons and ordered banana splits, french fries, mango shakes, apple shake and coffee. The taste and quality of all these are just ok, well, it’s sort of not worth for what it is priced, but what can you expect? This is a freakin’ yacht club! We didn’t get to use up all our food coupons so we ordered 4 mango shakes just before we leave.

The best part of this SBYC stay will be EA’s discovery of a new talent of his: planking. Ain’t it great? He learned a new talent on the eve of his birthday! LOL! The photos were awesome and every time we look at them, we will ALWAYS and definitely burst into laughter!

Since it was quite raining, we didn’t get to walk along the boardwalk and experience how the marina looks like during sunset. Yet, I bet it’ll be a charming and romantic view. All in all our experience was a fun and if we will have a chance to travel back North, we will surely consider Subic Bay Yacht Club.

Subic Bay Yacht Club 
Rizal Highway cor. Burgos Street Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines.
concierge's number is (+63 47) 252-5211

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