August 26, 2011

Lipsmack for less!

My girlfriends and I recently purchased a handful of lipsticks from a Facebook seller (who sells Nyx Cosmetics.) I came to know about Nyx Cosmetics, on a one fine day, while I was browsing through Youtube for some make-up tutorials. And I came across 's channel and saw some of her reviews about Nyx cosmetics. Then I googled the website ( and found really pretty and quality make-up. RM and I searched for stores that sell them locally. To our dismay they sell Nyx cosmetics at much higher prices compared to the published prices on Nyx's website.

Well, RM and I have skills in online research (I hope someday we can make money out of doing that, say, online researchers?!) and we found really credible online sellers in FB. Last July one FB seller had the Nyx round lipstick on sale for only Php99 per piece! We had to order a minimum of 10 pieces so RM and I convinced another friend to buy. We ended up buying a dozen! It was supposedly RM's and CC's early Christmas gift shopping but they ended up keeping the lipsticks for themselves. Like shoes, a girl can never have too many lipsticks, agree? :-D

Since it's pre-ordered, we had to wait 2 weeks before we can have them. Remember, patience is a virtue and we can't explain how happy we were when we received the package! I know it sounds seems like we're over-reacting but hey, it's us girls being girls!

I love everything! The colors are so pretty!  The quality is great as well! They're mineral cosmetics (great for those with sensitive skin)! I use it everyday! I alternate what color to use though. So here are the shades that I got for myself:

From left to right: Shiva, Haute Melon, Paris and Minimalism

So these are how the lipstick shades look on me (photos are without flash):


 -Haute Melon-



If my budget permits, I will get more shades. But for now, I'll settle for what I have and use them up first!

Anyway, here are some of the stuff by Nyx that I added to my wishlist!
-Nude on Nude palettes

-5 color eyeshadow palette in I Dream of St. Marteen
I Dream of St Marteen



-Concealer wand in Yellow

-Black label lipstick in Hot Pink

-HD Eyeshadow Base/Primer


- HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush in Georgia Peach


-Mosaic powder blush in Peachy and Highlighter


or why not a Nyx STARTER KIT??? ;-P

If you're looking for a trusted and legit FB reseller of Nyx, check and search for this FB accounts:
Digital Traincase - the seller often attends bazaar especially Rockwell tent bazaars, so if you're someone who's impatient you can see her stocks in the bazaars she's part of.

Kiko's Angels- the seller is friendly and often gives promos, discounts and prizes

both have, some, on-hand items too!

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  1. Hi Len,
    I know of a local shop where you can purchase NYX cosmetics (just a suggestion if the Facebook seller doesn’t have the items that you want). Please visit this

  2. Amazing Stuff... <3 The lip shades are yummm...!!!

    Love XoxoX


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