August 24, 2011

On Coffee Grounds...

I love coffee. I used to be a coffee addict until my physician told me that I have gastric acid reflux and I need to avoid most drinks with caffeine since it aggravates my acid reflux. Usually I would drink a cup before I go to work, then when I get to work I would drink another cup to keep me awake for the whole 8-hour shift. But that took its toll on me. Believe me, having gastric acid reflux is not the most comfortable feeling in the world! But since I have been medicating it the number of incidence has lessened and I am slowly infusing coffee back in my blood stream. I just make sure that I take meds regularly to counteract the effects of caffeine with the acidity in my stomach.

For years I have been going to Starbucks (and McDo, 711 and the pantry's coffee vendo) to get my caffeine fix but I didn’t know that they give out the left-over from the coffee that they have pressed. RM told me that I can just go to Starbucks and get a bag of the coffee grounds for free. And I can use it for several purposes.

Here is the list of things I came up on how and for I can use these free coffee grounds:

- Fertilizer
Well this is the main purpose for these coffee grounds. We have a plant box in our terrace, that for months have grown only weeds. I always pull them out and put the skins and other left-over from the veggies that I used for cooking, so as to make the soil rich. But still, only weeds kept on growing in it. RVL took some oregano from the plant box that lined our place’s corridors and planted a couple in the terrace’s plant box. And we were amazed to find out a few days later that they grew and flourished, even if the soil was almost hard as about-dry-cement. Now the oreganos have thrived and occupied the entire plant box. I will now use the coffee grounds as fertilizer and I bet the oreganos will be healthier and bigger than ever. Hmm… now I have to think of dishes can I use these oreganos for…

- Facial scrub
If you’re familiar with Garnier then you know that they use caffeine in some of their products, like the eye-roll on. I don’t know how much caffeine is still in these coffee grounds but I guess there are still some in it. I will try it out and see if it works or make any difference. I hope it can bust out my rowdy zits!

-Body scrub
RM also told me that her sister is using it as a body scrub. I don’t know what are its effects on her sister skin but I’d love to try it out. It will be very cost-effective since I don’t need to buy any body scrub from the supermarket. Plus I read from somewhere, I can’t remember, that caffeine is also used to combat cellulite! Lol! Well, I need to use the coffee grounds to see if it really works. I may have to research on that. The downside is it’ll ake a lot of mess in the bathroom! Although RVL’s not supposed to freak out since I am the one cleaning it. So…

check this site out for your DIY coffee scrub:

-Air freshener
Er, well… perhaps. I don’t know if these coffee grounds have expire or what since when I got mine, there was a date written on it and it’s wet also. Probably we can use it as air freshener but will have to put in a container with a perforated cover and replace it every few days. Well, I just love the smell of coffee, don’t you?

So there, that are the things that I can think of that you can do with Starbucks coffee grounds. In case you want something to add in that list; feel free to write a comment and I will add your suggestions (no nonsense please!) to this list J.  Bye for now.

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  1. remember the coffee event in G4? we went there and tasted almost all the coffee being showcased before our night duty in Muntinlupa! i was palpitating really bad the whole shift! i was too shaky to do anything! haha!

  2. Yes I do! lol! we went from booth to booth until the coffee tasted all the same! aww.. i miss those days Nix! I dont know if you remember, when I spilled coffee on my duty uniform and had a big stain on the center of my skirt?! Thank God for we have aprons (as part of our uniform)... we were also on our way to Osmun... those were the good days... :P

  3. haha! i just read your post now. i started following you na! i'd probably "re-" start my blog got spider webs now. LOL! anyway, yeah i remembered that incident too! haha! coffee addicts talaga! :D at kailangan talaga Ingles sa pag comment diba? :P


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