May 21, 2013

Creativity runs in the family - Fashion Designer Hazel Santana Part 1

This blog post is a tribute to my fashion designer sister,  Hazel Sta. Ana aka HazelSantana... One of God's blessings to our family is "creativity". We are family of artists and I strongly believe that! Almost all of us 5 siblings know how to draw and sketch. My sister Hazel and I loves to create our own clothes from scratch and do arts and crafts. My brothers play the guitar well. Our grandma sews well too.

When we were kids, Hazel and I would use our grandma's old rusty but dependable sewing machine to make clothes for our Barbies and other dolls. Our grandma would also sew our doll's clothes for us. She also taught us how to sew and was the one who greatly influenced us when it comes to making our own clothes. Our mom worked for garments factories as a QC/QA for years and years until the garment industry in the Philippines slowly died and she later on became an RTW buyer and seller. So yeah, growing up, our lives revolved around fashion and clothes.

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