March 22, 2014

Beat the Summer Heat #TheDumondWay

I've never been the boyish type. Being in a family who has been greatly influenced with fashion and clothing, I doubt if my sense of style would ever gear towards being tomboy-ish. My grandmother used to be a seamstress; also used to own a home-based clothing manufacturing business that was stationed in our ancestral house’s basement. She would also make our clothes when my sister and I were just little girls. My mother worked for a long time as a Quality Auditor for garment trading companies including Nike. When she stopped being an employee, she went to apparel overrun/production/buy and sell business until the clothing manufacturing industry in the Philippines slowly died down. My sister Hazel has been sewing her own clothes and creating costumes for school activities. After graduating college, she pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a self-taught fashion designer and is currently a wedding and debut couturier.

Ever since then I have also been acquainted with girl friends who are as “kikay” as me and who takes beauty  and style seriously. Girls, like me, who love to wear beautiful clothes and shoes, do their own make up, and accessorize their ensembles with statement pieces. Most of my life, I have been surrounded with people who love to be ever so fashionable and all-made-up. I heard KC Concepcion in one of her TV commercials say to “always look your best”; I like it and I’m living with that mantra. So when it comes to style, whenever and wherever, I can say that I am the girly type. I love to put on pretty ensembles even on ordinary days or even at work; especially if I have all the time in the world to think about what I’m going to wear for the day.

Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I make it a point to plan ahead what I’m going to wear for each day. Yes, I’m obsessive-compulsive in a way, even with things like that. For example when I am about to go on a beach trip, I arrange my clothes per outfit per day based on the ensemble I’ve created in my mind, including what undergarments and accessories that goes with that outfit.

I looooove going to the beach! I may not be a beach bum, but the beach is the destination for most of my major out of town trips. I just love the smell of the sea, the feel of powdery white sand under my feet, I love seeing the other world that thrive under the sea. Whenever I visit a new island or beach, I make sure I take home a piece of it and grow my collection of sands from all the beaches I’ve visited. Sometimes I would just dip my fingers inside the mini bottles where I store them just to feel the sand. (Don’t alert airport/environment officials about this collection of mine ok? I only bring home a little amount)

When it comes to beach outfits or summer style, I would say (or would like to believe) that mine fits resort wear-style. I’m not so fond of wearing board shorts or rash guards when I go to the beach. I love wearing high-waist swimsuits bottoms paired with classic/retro style swimsuit tops, flowy chiffon dresses and cover-ups, wide brim hats and boho-looking sandals. I want to still be chic-looking while my skin is being baked under the Summer sun.

I recently played around with my Polyvore account, (which I haven’t visited in quite a while) and created some beach/summer outfit ideas:

Most of the items in those sets can be bought online, but the footwear is locally available from Dumond’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

DUMOND is a Brazil-based clothing company that is made for contemporary women who have style and are passionate about fashion and shoes. Each season, the brand launches new trends, and market reference and object of desire among the most demanding consumers. Contemporary Brazilianness is a perfect mix between elements of Brazilian fashion and modern stylish design. So is DUMOND, who brings the best modern woman in shoes and accessories. Every collection, models of shoes, bags and unique accessories are developed, inspired by the world's major fashion trends and in harmony with the fundamental characteristics of the brand: Brazilianness, premium quality, beauty and style.

Sophistication along with intricate details, vibrant colors and trendsetting styles, make Dumond more than a distinctive label.

I’m swooning over these sandals the moment I saw them! Not only that the color of these sandals from DUMOND reminds me of the sea and the beach, I really love how they are sleek-looking and versatile. They really complemented and completed the Summer get-ups that I created through Polyvore. Dumond shoes are also of premium quality, so whether you’re going to use them in most of your outfits the entire Summer (and even after that) you don’t have to worry if they will wear out or break down.

One of my dream travel destination is Brazil. I would love to set my feet on the beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema. I wish that someday, I will see for myself the beauty of the Brazilian people especially the women (most Victoria Secret models and other well-known models came from Brazil) and learn a thing or two about their fashion and acquire some beach style the Brazilian way, as well!

Like Dumond’s  Facebook page HERE and check their Spring/Summer 2014 collection HERE

You can find Dumond stores in Greenbelt, Trinoma, Robinson’s Midtown, Limketkai Cagayan De Oro and Ayala North Point, Bacolod.

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