March 7, 2014

Fall In Love with the New Items from SheInside Pre-Sale...

I constantly check what's for Pre-Sale in, hoping that I can score a deal and buy something nice for half of its price. But most often than not, I don't find something that I like so much and that makes me think about it even in my dreams.

But when I visited the the PRE-SALE site/tab earlier this week, I've found several items that really tempted me to add items into my shopping cart. But before I tell you what I bought (with eyes closed while clicking the "Pay Now" button), let me tell you how the Pre-Sale works.

Here are my top picks from the SheInside Pre-Sale:
Get it here: White Long Sleeve X Cut Out Back Chiffon Flowing Blouse

 Get it here: Apricot Contrast Multicolor Striped Hollow Knit Sweater

And my favorite from all the items from the latest SheInside Pre-Sale and what I bought:

I already have this exact same dress in is black, but I'm so drooling over the MINT version that I really can't help myself, but to have it. I was lucky enough to be included in the first 50 orders who was able to get it for only $19 good thing I still have SheInside store credits to spend! But hey don't fret, it is now on it's second wave and you can still purchase it,  and still get it at a huge discount.

What's more is that all items, without minimum purchase, is FREE SHIPPING! If that isn't a great deal, I don't know what is!

Time is running out so hurry and get these items while they are still half the price!  Because once the Pre-Sale has commence, they will go back to their normal/original price.

Click the link or the image below to be redirected to the SheInside Pre-Sale:
                      sheinside design presale,up to 50% off,shop on sheinside now

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