March 6, 2014 Review now known as is the first clothing and shoe online store that I’ve came to love and regularly visit. They offer thousands and thousands of clothes and shoes at very affordable prices. They are the cheapest also from all the ones that I’ve been checking or whenever I go web window shopping.

It was also with that I first ever bought something from an international online seller. I was kind of skeptic about it at first, that I must admit. Because there are some reviews about them that are not very favorable. is an online store that has more than 420000 fashion products of clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and others and stocks are updated daily. They offer no minimum order limit, retail and wholesale are also offered! There are various of shipping methods so wherever you are, Wholesale-Dress can put fashion in your hands. They also have a 24-hours online service, if you have any question, their  custom service representatives will help you any time.

But surprisingly, in my case, I had no trouble with all the transactions I had with them. Whenever I ask them questions, either  by commenting on their website or sending them an email through their customer service,  I receive a feedback or answer as fast as the following day. I think I was also able to use their live service chat and had no problems with it as well.

I was able to make 2 purchases with I know it was quite some time, but up until now I’m still able to use the garments that  I bought from them. I kinda stop buying from international online stores for awhile and resumed just last year.

My first purchase was a crochet-like bolero top. The first time I saw this bolero top, I wanted to have it so badly. Good thing its price was just right for my budget. During that time I haven’t seen anything like it in the malls or in tiangges (bazaars) around Metro Manila (so it was pretty cool to have one), knowing that there less chances that when you’re I'm on a leisure stroll I will not come across someone who wears the exact same item that I'm wearing (well that would somehow be a little embarrassing).

Item description: Tassels Embellished Hollow Out Hook Flower Cape Apricot
Sizes available: Free Size
Price: US$ 5.14 (no shipping fee yet)
Color: Apricot
The whole order cost me: Item Price: US$ 5.14 + Shipping cost: US$ 4.66 =  US$ 9.80

I had no problem with the size of this cape/bolero, the fit was pretty good. I’ve worn this item for probably hundreds of times already. It is so versatile that I was able to wear it over a sleeveless dress, over a sleeveless top and as a swimsuit cover up.

The quality of the Tassels Embellished Hollow Out Hook Flower Cape (Apricot), I must say, is very good since it has been more than 2 years since I bought it from and it still in good condition. Nothing was ripped or torn in any part of its crochet-like fabric.

I checked the exact same item at's website, and unfortunately it is already out of stock. 

My second purchase with was an off-shoulder white chiffon dress. I purchased it mainly because I want to use it as a swimsuit cover up. I haven’t tried using it as a top or a dress, but I might do, now that I thought about it.

Item description: Graceful Pattern Two Pieces Chiffon Dress White
Sizes available: Free Size
Price: US$ 2.97 (no shipping fee yet)
Available Color: White
The whole order cost me: Item Price: US$ 2.97+ Shipping cost: US$ 4.66 =  US$ 7.63

My only concern with this dress was the quality of the materials used and how it was sewn, it kind of leans towards average caliber. But I’m not bothered that much, given that it only cost me almost US$3. The quality, I think, just equates with its price. Had there been a much pricier version of this, that’s what I’ll buy, then  I may have received something better. But I was totally fine with what was delivered.

Unfortunately, this dress is also sold out as well. 

Quality of Products:
Basing on my purchases, the quality of the products from is: so far so good. Although my second purchase was kinda far from A-grade quality, it was totally ok considering the cost of the item which was only US$ 2.97.

Both items are well-fitting and comfortable. With regards to the dress, the chiffon used for it is soft, almost like gauze or something like silk chiffon. The bolero on the other hand, is hands down gorgeous!

Up until now, both are still usable and no damages yet or signs of wearing out. So I think I was able to get  pretty good deals out of those two purchases from

Shipping: doesn't offer free shipping unlike the other sites. But their items are probably the cheapest that you can find online. Their shipping fee is based on how much your order weighs and is priced reasonably. As for me I always opt for the lowest shipping fee which is through postal mail. Both the items I bought from them were sent to me through China Post. It took around 2-3 weeks before it reached me, but I had no problem with that, patience is a virtue that I practice. Plus the demand for the items that I purchased was not at all urgent. But if you’ll be utilizing what you’ll be ordering, say for example you’re going to use it for an event, if you’re availing shipment through China Post, give yourself a lead time of at least one month (or more). So that you’re sure that your order arrives just in time for that special occasion you’ll be attending.

Here are choices for the shipping of orders which I grabbed from you can visit this link to know more about the shipping rates: Shipping Information

But if you have the money to spend for express shipping, then take advantage of that. Shipping time, btw, doesn’t include the preparation of your order. So if it says that you’ll receive an item (with the mode of shipping you chose) within 3-7 days,  add another 3-5 days for the processing of the order. Most online stores are like that, and Wholesale Dress isn't an exception.

Fortunately for me, I didn't have any problems with any of the package from Wholesale Dress, excluding though, the amount of time I waited for it to arrive.

Modes of Payment:
I made the payment for my orders through Paypal. But if you don't have Paypal, there are other ways of paying for your orders:

All in all I had a good experience with shopping online at Some are skeptic about purchasing something online especially with international shops, but you need to experience it for yourself and see if it’ll work for you. If you ask me, if I’ll recommended this site? Yes, definitely. For the lack of better term, let me say, that shopping at was worth the risk.

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