March 5, 2014

NEW IN: Haul

I do think that 2014, again,  will be a blessed year. During the first week of the new year, to jumpstart the blessings that I am continuously receiving, I won, yet again, another giveaway sponsored this time by  And yes  like to think of the things I’m receiving for free as blessings and not just sheer luck.

I was glad that when I opened my blogger account and saw in my newsfeed about SheInsider’s blog post regarding the winners of their Sheinside Big Giveaway; and when I opened the post, I became even more glad because I saw my photo and name as one of the winners.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect, because I need to purchase some outfits for some events I'm going to, all happening this Summer.

Thank God, I was able to finalize my purchase just before the Chinese Spring Festival started, so my order was sent out before their  office closes. I received the notification from our local post office around 2-3 weeks after I settled the balance that was subsequently left after using what I won from the Sheinside Giveaway.

Even before I participated in the promo, I’ve been already eyeing a lot of the products from SheInside. Their goods are really pretty, trendy and current; that’s why it’s also one of my favorite web stores to visit regularly. I’m just glad that I finally got the chance to purchase some of the items that has long been standing in my account’s Wishlist.

From a couple of items from my Wishlist I chose to purchase the following:

Click the name of the dresses to view details 

Click the name of the dresses to view details 

I looovvve each and every dress! Get yours now because most of these are on sale. Plus offer free shipping to anywhere in the world!

I'll try my best to take photos of these dresses once I get to wear them and do a review of each and every dress. :)

And you can also check out my other SheIn Collective Hauls by clicking the links below:

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