April 26, 2014

My Latest Wishlist from SheInside

As you all know, SheInside.com is one of my favorite online clothing store, I also visit their website regularly to check what’s new on  Pre-Sale and their daily arrivals. I often buy dresses from them because they offer unique and high quality pieces. A couple of months back, I noticed that I’m not wearing that much dresses anymore and always found myself wearing just and blouses, and then I checked my closet and found out that most of my dresses are out of style, worn out and doesn't fit anymore. So I vouched to refresh my collection of dresses and purchase or sew more dresses from here on now. 

When the new year started I also started to purchase more and more dresses, and a lot of them I bought from SheInside. Now I’m so hooked with their products that almost every day I check what they have to offer.

With that being said, I want to share with you guys my latest finds from SheInside.com that I’ve also added on my Wishlist. I hope I can have them all one by one! Hahhahaha! To check out the details of each of the items I posted above, just click the product name under each photo.

These versatile dresses can go from day time dresses to just-right-for dinner-nights outfit with the proper accessories. Since it’s still Summer, even the pastel or neon colored dresses can exactly do that; which means more savings for you!

There are some pretty blouses to that I can use for days when I go to work and for weekend casual trips.

I hope I can buy them one by one as the days pass by, so when I open my closet, I’ll won’t have that moment where I’ll say “I have nothing to wear”  LOL!

By the way girls, there are two ongoing promotions from SheInside.com that you might want to check out too:
Ends 4/30/14 --> Buy Spaghetti Strap dresses and get 15% off  by using the coupon code: dress422

Ends 5/11/14 --> Mother’s Day Sale:
15% off on all items site-wide by using the coupon code: mother15
20% off on orders over $100 by using the coupon code: mother20

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