April 3, 2014

Rosewholesale.com's Beam Waist Ruffles Cotton Solid Color Dress

If you happen to check out my info photo on the right side bar of my site before you landed on this entry, you probably might have an idea that I do wedding/events coordination and styling as a sideline job. Even if I’m already pre-occupied and busy with my real job, I still find time to fulfill   something that I love to do other than my profession, something that I enjoy doing and something that I find therapeutic.  Well, not so therapeutic when you get stressed and tired at times, but it is something that I won’t probably get tired of doing, unlike my current job.

About a month ago, I executed my first ever engagement shoot set styling. This one was for my and Viel’s engaged friends who’s tying the knot this Summer. If you have been reading my posts regularly, you might have an idea what I’m talking about since I have mentioned about these friends of ours and their wedding a couple of times in some of my blog posts.

Since I promised that I will take photos of the Rosewholesale.com dress that I received last month, I intentionally wore it on that day.  I thought that the shoot location would be a nice backdrop. I wanted to post decent photos while I’m wearing the dress. But ok bear with me here, I am in no way a model or anything like that, and I’m far from being one. (So I'd appreciate it if some of you could keep judgmental comments to yourselves for now.) I just want to show appreciation for Rosewholesale.com by exhibiting the dress (and bag) that they generously sent me. Btw, the kimono cover up is an old top that I re-cut and re-sewn.

Get the dress here: Beam Waist Ruffles Cotton Solid Color Dress For Women  for only $14.89.
Kimono Top: DIY

You can also check out my reviews of these products here: ROSEWHOLESALE.COM PRODUCT REVIEWS

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