April 9, 2014


If you don't know it yet, I love to dress up and I love anything pretty and trendy. Planning what I'll wear for work and for special events has always been a natural instinct. Our travel to Puerto Princesa was of course not spared. I won in two blog contests giving me enough store credits to purchase new clothes to be added to my wardrobe. Receiving these gifts/blessings was just right in time before our Puerto Princesa trip and just before I attend a friend's wedding. The packages also came a week before our Summer getaway. I want to share with you guys my OOTDs during our Puerto Princesa trip, and this will be in no random order.

On our third day in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, we went island hopping in Honday Bay (which I will also make a blog post about it, after my schedule makes it possible). Since we will do a lot of snorkeling and swimming this day, I just put on my DIY swimsuit top (will blog about this too!), and my old highwaist swimsuit bottom and use a dress that I got from SheInside.com as my swimsuit cover up.

This dress, oh this dress… The first time I saw this was worn by a fashion blogger in Lookbook. The moment I’ve laid my eyes on this dress, I completely fell in love with it and promised myself that I will have one, by hook or by crook (just kidding lol!) So I was ecstatic when I found that SheInside was also offering this dress. After receiving my prize from SheInside, this was the first thing that I added to my cart, without thinking it over!

The quality of this dress is superb! It came in a large package (together with my other SheInside.com haul) and each dress was placed in individual plastic packaging too! There were no holes, no loose stitches and no stains. 

I like that it has the SheInside dress label too. I got mine in Medium size, because I've learned my lesson when ordering apparels from a China-based manufacturer, most sizes are smaller than what I would usually buy. I'm a petite busty and curvy woman and if I order Small (which most of my clothes are) and it'll come from a China-based manufacturer, it wouldn't fit me perfectly around the chest and hips area. It is a good thing that I ordered one size larger, the dress fits me wonderfully!

It was a perfect swimsuit cover up dress because it is made of chiffon which is very lightweight. And when it got wet when I wore it after I went swimming, a few minutes later it was already dry because of the sheer material it is made of.

At Luli Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines
At Cowrie Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa,
Palawan Philippines

The cut out detail on the shoulder/sleeves/chest part is also downright adorable! I'm sure you agree with me! 

Do you like this dress as well? Well you're just in luck because this dress is on SALE now for only $19.99! Get this dress here: Black Girl Cut Out Shift Chiffon Mini Dress

At Cowrie Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines

I super love this dress that when SheInside.com released a mint-colored version when they had it on Pre-Sale, I immediately bought one and it cost me only $19.99! What a cheap deal it is! So I suggest you should always be in the look out for what's SheInside.com Pre-Sale's latest offerings!

This dress is still on sale at $19.99 and you can get it here: Mint Green Cut Out Shift Chiffon Mini Dress

Just received mine and I will definitely blog about it when I am able to use it! :-)

Well that's about it, keep visiting my blog to check out my blog posts about my What I Wore during our Puerto Princesa trip!

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  1. Omg this dress! Absolutely LOVE!!!!!

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. thanks! you can get it from SheInside.com, both are on sale :)


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