April 4, 2014

PUERTO PRINCESA TRAVEL DIARY: Badjao Seafront Restaurant

My husband and I wanted to have a very relaxed getaway when we go to Puerto Princesa. In most of our travels, are itineraries are jampacked or has been pre-planned by the travel agency who’s services we have availed. Since we are not new to travelling anymore, and it’s just the two of us this time around, we did some DIY. I researched online about stuff that we can do, where to go and where to eat in Puerto Princesa. Besides, it is not one of the newest travel destination in Philippines anymore, so a lot of blog reviews and features can be found online.

We really  saved a lot during this trip because of the free accommodations that we got from Legend Hotel Palawan through Club Astoria Holiday Ownership and the free flight that was awarded by Philippine Airlines to us. With that being, said the budget that was supposedly intended for our flights and accommodation provided us a chance to spend it on other stuff, like food and tours. We landed at Puerto Princesa airport at around 8:30am.

Travel to Legend Hotel Palawan took only around 5 minutes; so we were settled at the hotel as early as quarter past 9:00am. After looking around the hotel  I decided to take an early lunch and took a trike just right outside the hotel to Badjao Seafront Restaurant.

While I was researching about where to eat  or what are the famous restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Badjao Seafront Restaurant is one of those that has been talked about by bloggers, locals and tourists alike.

It is located along a mangrove area overlooking the sea of Honda Bay. Badjao is a term use to call the sea-dwelling Moro indigenous ethnic group. The Badjao live a seaborne lifestyle, and use small wooden sailing vessels such as the vinta. They are sometimes called the "Sea Gypsies".

Badjao Seafront Restaurant may have been called such because it dwells above the sea. From the main road, you have to enter a wide alley to get to the entrance of the restaurant. And before you can reach the main dining hall, you have to walk across a long wooden bridge over the water with mangroves on both sides. This part is relaxing and refreshing already.


Since we were there an hour early than the opening time (which is 11:00am), we just took photos and went back outside where I found this bamboo seat just a few steps from the entrance. We unwinded here until the restaurant opened.

We were the first customers and since it was already lunch time and it was on a Saturday, the customers started pouring in right about the time we relayed our order to the waiter.

The restaurant’s interior is mostly made and designed with wood and bamboo. The entire dining hall has no windows and reminiscent of a huge balcony where fresh air coming from the sea can freely move and refresh you. Although it felt humid because we were there on a Summer day, the fresh sea breeze is something that I wouldn’t mind inhaling and caressing my skin. The restaurant is adorned with native Palawan wood carvings that have  great similarities to the  figures at the top handle of the cover of the Manunggul Jar (which was also discovered in Palawan).

Badjao Seafront Restaurant caters mostly Filipino food, seafood, local Palawan dishes and a handful of their signature dishes and most servings are good for 2 people.

What we ordered: Mango Shake, Sizzling Stuffed Squid, Pinatisang Manok (fried chicken rubbed in fish sauce) and Eggplant with Coconut Milk (and of course a platter of rice).

I loved everything we ordered, he said everything was tasty. As for me, my verdict is that, yeah everything was good, but not that extraordinary or something that I would make me eagerly encourage my friends to try . I can compare the taste to Gerry’s Grill, Dencio’s or Giligan’s. Although there were dishes that you will only get to eat here like the eggplant coconut which was really good. Our bill was kinda steep too compared to the other restaurants we’ve tried in Puerto Princesa.

But nothing beats the ambiance that you will experience while you dine at Badjao Seafront Restaurant. For me, I agree that this is where  half your bill goes to. I would really pay to eat in a place like this, wherein while you’re putting that spoon in your mouth you’re also gazing out far and observing the simple life activities that’s happening on the surrounding sea and the fresh sea breeze hitting your face.

Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Abueg Rd, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
(048) 433-9912

Puerto Princesa Tour Assistance/Licensed Tour Guide:
Bryan Elivera - 09152788528

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