February 9, 2016

6 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas & What They Mean

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you are still not sure what kind of present is perfect for your beloved one, you are at the right place. Just don’t panic because everything will be just fine! Forget about the traditional flowers & chocolates & teddy bears combo – it is very outdated and beyond uncreative. You can do much better than that! Here is a list of six Valentine’s Day gifts ideas with the meaning behind them. Enjoy!

Romantic Getaway
When it comes to perfect Valentine’s Day, many couples think of a romantic getaway where they will be able to relax and spend some quality time together. This is indeed a great choice – one of the best actually – especially if you can choose an exotic destination such as Hawaii or the Bahamas. If not – even a weekend at the countryside will be just fine. Such a gift definitely says that you actually want some time just for you two on this special day. Everything will be perfect as long as you are together.

Lingerie is absolutely one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts according to guys, and the truth is that it’s actually a gift for both of you! A combination of bra and briefs (or even thongs), made of the finest materials such as lace, silk or satin is indeed a sight for sore eyes, which is exactly why men are so prone to buying it. Guys, check out the latest collection of Leonisa lingerie – ladies adore it! Girls, such a present definitely says that your boyfriend finds you very sexy, so don’t be shy and rock his world in it!

Perfumes are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day presents, both when talking about men and women. This can be a very convenient gift if you are familiar with your beloved one’s taste – otherwise it can get very tricky. If the scent doesn’t suit their style, this pretty much says that you have no clue about their personal preferences. If your significant other sees a perfume as a cliché, that might tell that you are lazy and uncreative. Be very careful with this one.

Beauty Treatments
Beauty and spa treatments, as well as massages are very popular nowadays, and there are good reasons for that. These show caring, appreciation and affection – and it gets even better if you decide on this as a gift for both of you. Even private steam room, fireplace and hot tub cam be included, and that takes the whole experience to the next level. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Even though clothing isn’t as popular as the previous gifts, it can be a good choice. However, you have to be extremely cautious – new gym clothes as a present will definitely tell your darling that it would be a great idea to spend more time on the treadmill, and you certainly don’t want that! On the other hand, a sexy dress tells that your beloved one is perfectly satisfied with your look, which is why he wants to show it off a little more. If your significant other is more of a creative type, surprise them with an overlocker sewing machine and let them make their own, unique clothes. Just have in mind their personal taste, and you will certainly not make a mistake.

Girls love bling – that is sure! The truth is that many couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day, so be careful with picking a perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriend if you don’t intend to propose. You should buy a ring under no circumstances! Jewelry is definitely a symbol of love that is getting stronger and stronger with time, so if you think that you two are heading into that direction – such a gift may be just perfect. 

If you are trying to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved one, you should definitely consider some of the ideas listed below. Just have in mind their personal interests and preferences, and you will make no mistake. Good luck! 

Guest Post by: Cristina Nika Kask

Cristina is a blogger from HIGH STYLE LIFE. She's an aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger from Sydney. Making guest appearances on fashion blogs, trying to establish herself in the world of fashion blogging and becoming an important part of the ever growing community.

Thanks alot for this article Cristina!

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  1. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out! :D Like the idea of tickets, it shows you're actually paying attention to what they like, haha! I'm getting both my parents

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