February 20, 2016

SammyDress Haul 1 + Review

"A girl can never have too many clothes or shoes or accessories..." -- my go to quote whenever I have to reason out to justify my somewhat uncontrollable urge to buy clothes and stuff. And I'm pretty sure a lot of women can relate with me about this. Even if our closets are already exploding with too much apparel, shoes and accessories; we always feel like we have been shopping our whole lives and we still have nothing to wear. LOL!

Anyway, last December, with the help of  Sammydress.com I kinda went on a mini shopping spree to somehow reward myself for the year that was. I've been a regular visitor of this site for sometime now, but it's only my first time to purchase anything from them. 

I must say Sammydress.com offers merchandise at a much lower price compared to some of the the other clothing websites that I usually visit. Their site is easy to browse and navigate. They do have a lot of choices for each categories and customer service was pretty fantastic because they email you right away if one of the items in your order is not available. the only downfall that I see about shopping online is the shipping time, it took my package to arrive 30+ days after competing the order. Although I can't blame that on Sammydress because the problem really, is  my country's ancient way of doing postal service.  Sammydress offers expedited or express shipping, but that would have cost me more. I'm patient anyway so the regular shipping method was fine with me. 

So here's the items included in my first ever Sammydress haul: 

Stylish V-Neck Criss-Cross Long Sleeve Hollow Out Sweater

This sweater was actually too thick to be used in the kind of cold weather that we have back here in the Philippines. It was made of cable knit which is super thick, looking at the website's photo, I thought it was just a regular sweater. But I really like the old rose pink color, the knitting pattern  and the back details of this piece. It only comes in one-size but for my height and frame it is pretty huge actually; more like an over-sized sweater. Unfortunately I don't think I can use it on a regular basis this coming rainy season because it doesn't get that cold here that much which would allow me to use such a thick sweater. Perhaps I might be able to use it if ever I decide to go to Baguio, or Sagada one of these days. Either way, it's still a pretty sweater. 

6 Pieces of Stylish Women's Round Solid Color Rings

These rings are made of alloy, so they're pretty malleable so you have to be careful when storing them or they might break. Some of the rings run big, they don't fit well on my fingers which makes them twist and I have to always re-adjust them. But this is my second favorite among the items in this haul. These babies definitely add some edge to any plain day outfit.

This dress is my favorite of all the items included in my first ever Sammydress haul. The material used was a lightweight type of spandex. The cloth had a bit of shine and not matte which I was expecting it would be. It was also long for my height, but nothing a trusty sewing machine can alter. But the body fits me like a glove. What I love about it is that it's sexy but not at all raunchy. Plus you can wear it with heels for more formal occasions or dress it down with sneakers or sandals for casual days. I super love this dress! I haven't got the chance to use it though, I'll update this post when i already have a photo wearing this lovely dress.

Stylish Full Frame Cool Sunglasses

So this is the last item in this haul. I included this in my order because I've been really eyeing this design of sunnies for a while. It looks hipter-ish  and vintage -- which i both love. I love big-framed-sunnies and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed when I tried these on and the frame was not as big as I imagined them to be. They also came with only a plastic ziplock case and no hard casing. Good thing it wasn't broken during transit. They're still nice though and the quality is pretty good to me.

You can check out items from this haul by clicking on the links below the photos. Please also do check out Sammydress.com for other fabulous finds and regular sales and promotions. 

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