February 11, 2016

Agape Pastries and Tartines

Love is the best feeling in the world, and you don't get to experience that a lot everyday in this  me-myself-and-I world we're living in. You sometimes think you already have it, but not really; then there are some who continually chase love throughout their whole lifetimes. But, I am thankful that I have what is called Agape. In ancient Greek, Agape means love and is the highest form of love. It embodies the ideas of brotherly love and charity. I draw mine from my family and my true friends. And we probably all know by now, that love in itself is a journey. A journey between two individuals, a journey towards self-love or self-knowledge and perhaps a journey to go after your life's dreams.

I love it when a business has a story behind it; and not just because somebody wants to create something just for the sake of earning (though I know that's the main goal). But having a history behind any business makes it more alluring to clienteles, well, for me at least. Agape Pastries and Tartines is exactly that. 

Agape's owners conceived this restaurant out of their love for food and their annual journey to their favorite Manhattan New York French restaurant; that's why this business of theirs is very close to their heart. It has also been their mission to inspire other people especially the youth because they believe that their success is their staff's success. 

Agape Pastries and Tartines opened in October 2014 and is a French-inspired restaurant located in Tandang Sora, QC. I rarely go to QC to check out restaurants, only if I have to meet a friend who lives in that city. Most often than not, I would go somewhere in the Ortigas Center, Makati or BGC because they are pretty near where I live. And I believe folks from the North would also go somewhere that wouldn't tire them of the terrible traffic in EDSA. It's good that residents in Tandang Sora and nearby neighborhoods, don't have to go that far just to enjoy good food, because of the emerging food scene in Congressional Ave.

Agape Pastries and Tartines pride itself with their menu consisting of family French food favorites , pastries and tartines (open-faced Rye bread topped with tasty yet healthy spreadable ingredients) created by chefs from well known culinary schools. The owner also shared with us that they really invested on their state of the art kitchen to give both their staff and their customers the best cooking (for the chefs) and dining (for the clients) experience. 

The atmosphere at Agape is pretty cozy with all the wooden furniture and brick walls. The yellow/almost-dim lights are perfect for any chill nights with family and friends over food. Students who want somewhere they can study in peace and munch on pastries at the same time also frequent this restaurant. The decors, furnishings and fittings were all brought locally from Philippine-based manufacturers. 

I was with fellow TeamAldous bloggers on this visit to Agape, and below are the sumptuous dinner that we had: 

Pita Bread with Spinach Dip

Green Salad with Pears 

Spicy Prawn with Papaya Salad

Gamberi Panizza

Dan McCune Panizza

Spanish Sardines Panizza

3-Cheese and Herbs Panizza

Smoked Salmon BLT Tartines 

Beer-Battered Fish Tartines

Marie Gambasetti Spaghetti

Valentine's Special: Seared Salmon with Pineapple Salsa

Creme Brulee Tarts, Choco Lava Tarts and Chocolate Balls

Dulce de Leche Muffin, Bavarian Muffin, Chocolate Chip Muffin and Mango Muffin

They also offer "Remedies" which are shakes that are healthy and refreshing using fruits and vegetables that you never thought would taste that yummy if combined. I had Spinach + Mango and I never tasted anything that suggested I was drinking a juiced green-leafy vegetable. 

Agape also offers breads, cakes, and pastries at their display counter which before the store's closing is 50% discounted. 

Everything that we tried was just awesome and definitely made with love. My favorites were: the Spanish Sardines Panizza because of the saltiness  of the sardine bits. I love my pizza with anchovies and this panizza kinda reminded me of that; Smoked Salmon BLT Tartines because I'm a sucker for salmons (hahahaha); the stand outs were the Beer-Battered Fish Tartines and the Creme Brulee and Choco Lava tarts. Almost all of us agreed that those three were the highlights of the dinner. I loved the Creme Brulee so much that I bought some to take home for my sister. They were the best I've tried by far and my sister agreed with me so much that we plan to go to Agape one of these days even if it's quite far from where we live. 

Chef Aren Rodriguez and Store Manager Ms. Arianne

Sending out my love to Ms. Jean Uvero for inviting us over at Agape and to Aldous  of aldousatetheworld.com for organizing this dinner event. 

Agape Pastries and Tartines 
Chimes Square, Congressional Avenue Extension 
cor. Mira Nila Quezon City, Philippines
Store Hours:
Sun to Thurs - 6:30 am to 12:00 mn
Fri to Sat - 6:30 am to 1:00 am
Website: www.agapemanila.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/agapepastriesandtartines/
Email: agapemanila@gmail.com

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Agape Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Creme Brulee was so good that the reaction on Bettina's face after tasting it was simply priceless. haha


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