February 29, 2016

#ColorTheNorth with Kitchenails Trinoma

DIY is my kind of thing, and that includes doing my nails; but sometimes I let the pros do what they do best and get a mani-pedi at a nail salon instead. I have noticed that there's quite a difference between the output when I do it myself from the one done by a nail care professional. It's way way better, finer and cleaner. 

I visited Kitchenails a few days ago with my sister and just like me, she immediately find the concept of the nail salon pretty fun and unique. I was ecstatic to see that they already have this fridge turned into a storage for the nail polishes. This is where they now place the polishes for you to choose from.

My sister loved the unique service of Kitchenails where a staff dressed as a restaurant crew took her "orders".   Like how specific they are about their services. They will ask you until the grittiest details; like if you want your nails to be cut round, square or square/round. Just like me, my sister was surprised that such details were taken into consideration for just a mani-pedi session. 

For this visit, i had my Single Serve Clean Plate Basic Manicure and Basic Pedicure. I anted to try Orly for my nail color, but didn't find any that I like for that brand. And then there's this super pretty shade of pink of Ruby Wing, which just like the last one that I had on my nails, changes color: it darkens when you're outdoors -- which I still find pretty cool.

They still soaked my hands and feet but this time around, since I'm having the basics, I didn't get to have the scrub, oils and lotion. Still, the skin on my hands and feet felt soft and supple after the soak. 

My sister availed of the basic manicure and for the feet she chose one of the Entree with the peppermint mask. 
My sister loved the mask especially the scent and how relaxing it was. She chose a color similar to mine from the L.A. Colors line. 
I liked that we went on a weekday afternoon since there wasn't many customer at that time and the place was quiet with only soft music being played. I almost fell asleep actually. We both super love our awesome nail chefs because they were very nice and good at removing our ingrown nails with tolerable pain! 

This is actually a pretty nice bonding session with my sister and it was my first time to do an activity such as this with her and we both enjoyed it.  I really love getting pampered and having my nails done at Kitchenails. Not only that I'm totally digging the concept of this nail salon, I appreciated their service from start to finish. Me and my sister both did!

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Trinoma Branch: Level 3, Trinoma Mall (near Mindanao Ave. parking)
ATC Branch: UG Commerce Ave. Entrance, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (02) 815 6350

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