April 30, 2017

Rosegal.com Haul 2 + Review

What's up ladies?! I'm back with another haul, well a mini-haul rather, from Rosegal. Heads up, this is a sponsored post but as always I'm only going to write my honest review about the items that I got from this site. Rosegal.com is one of the many Asian-based online shopping sites. They originally offer vintage style clothing but ventured also to contemporary fashion offering clients hundreds of styles of dresses, swimwear, jewelry, shoes, bags and other fashion-related items. 

But before I go into the details of my mini haul and review, let me just address something. In my previous posts about hauls I have reviewed from Rosegal and other online stores, I've received a mixed reactions via the comments I got. First of all, you're buying online, you don't get to see or fit the item in person and you only relay to the info given by the brand. So there are tendencies that the items don't exactly look like what were posted or sometimes the sizing is off. 

That is the downside of online shopping compared to moving your a**, driving to the mall and walking around the mall and fitting clothes. Just like me most of the time, so I have made peace with the idea that my online purchase might be a hit or a miss. But shopping online is still a convenient way, saves you time, money and energy. 

Having been an online shopper since 2010 and buying from numerous China or Hong Kong-based online stores, I think I've mastered the skill. I always read the details especially the size guides. I also raise complains with the online store if my items are incorrect or I'm not satisfied and make it a point that the store compensate in whatever form if I don't get what my money is worth. I've learned my lesson (especially when it comes to sizing) and always keep them in mind before I hit "". In short, be a wise buyer. Anyhoo, here are the items I got for this mini-haul # 2:

Bell Sleeve Floral Print Belted Chiffon Dress
Style: Bohemian / Material: Polyester / Fabric Type: Chiffon / Dresses Length: Mid-Calf  / Neckline: V-Neck / Sleeve Length: 3/4 Length Sleeves / Pattern Type: Floral / Season: Summer 

I actually don't know why I got this dress; it was probably because this dress is floral and looks Bohemian. I actually don't know where and when I would use this, I was initially eyeing a high slit dress but this caught my attention because the photo on the site, the dress is in purplish blue color which is not a usual color you would see on apparel.

The dress is made of good quality chiffon cloth and sewn well. This comes with a fabric belt made of the same material. There's no lining inside the dress but I think, for me, it's thick enough that you're not required to wear camisole underneath. This also fits me perfectly. The length falls a few inches above my ankle; so it's neither a midi nor a maxi dress.

The only problem I have with this dress is that I specifically ordered it in the purplish-blue color. But the one I receive is the black variant. It is equally beautiful, but I really wanted the purplish-blue version for its unique color. I messaged Rosegal's customer support and raised my issue, unfortunately the color that I like is already out of stock. They offered me a replacement item by choosing another product with same or lesser amount, which I agreed to. I will include that item and update this post when I receive it.  

Plunging Neck Sleeveless Cut Out Women's Lace Romper
Material: Lace,Polyester / Style: Fashion / Season: Summer / With Belt: No 

If you've been reading my past hauls and reviews, you'll notice that I always buy rompers. I am in love with rompers! They're hard to wear and maneuver but they're the comfiest things ever! Just like onesies! And to have a romper as a swimsuit cover up is another story.

I've been eyeing this romper for sometime now and I'm glad that I am finally able to have one in my possession. This fits me well too, with a drawstring around the waist and the bottom part has the right length - super perfect for Summer and a cover up. Done are the days when I use shawls or kimonos as my swimsuit cover-ups. This is more comfy, low key and stylish at the same time.

The material used for this romper is just ok, not too soft nor stiff. The design of the lace cloth is just exactly how they are shown in the photo on Rosegal's website. It also has two cute little pockets on the front part of the shorts which is basically just designs and serves no purpose; eitherway I like this romper a whole lot! 

Chic Halter Polka Dot Pleated One-Piece Swimwear For Women
Material: Polyester/Spandex / Bra Style: Padded / Pattern Type: Polka Dot /  Type: One Piece 

Another item I've been wanting to have for years now! The first time I saw this swimsuit design was from an Australian swimwear brand and it was expensive. If you don't know it yet, I love everything that looks vintage and this swimsuit is definitely giving me that vibe. This is so pin-up looking. 

This is made of good quality stretchable fabric and has a good stretch. I love how conservative looking it is but super still ultra stylish. The bust part have built-in pads and the front part has few ruchings. I love how much coverage the bottom part gives me, I'm into the those boyleg type of swimsuit bottoms since I am not a fan of very revealing swimwear. 

Though I wish the bust and back part were a bit lower than its usual design, but all in all I super like this swimsuit. I definitely recommend it for women who loves vintage style clothing and looking for swimsuits that gives better body coverage. This comes in other colors and prints too. 

All in all I am pretty happy with my first ever Rosegal.com haul. Everything is great and of good quality. Most are true to size and looks just exactly like the photos on their site. I will update this blog post and post photos of me wearing or using this items whenever that happens so you guys can check out how they look and fit when worn. You can find these items here, just click on the links down below the photos: 

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    1. I will very very soon, though this body is far from being beach ready hahaha! kebs na diba?


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