April 16, 2017

Zaful's Off Shoulder White Dress

Summer's here! And I can't wait to hit the beach! And yeah, I couldn't care less if  I don't have that beach-ready body; all I know is that I'm gonna have so much, no matter what. Ahhh, the beach... the white sand, the salty sea breeze, sunshine, sunsets - best things in life, if you ask me. 

 Off Shoulder Shirred Maxi Dress - White

Well, being the usual me, of course, beach outfits must be planned properly. When considering what to pack in my travel bag, besides that they need to be light weight, the apparel I should bring must be  both comfortable and stylish. As for the color, white and/or pastels are the go-to shades. 

 Off The Shoulder Flared Dress - White Off Shoulder Embroidered Lace Dress - White

I'm thinking of bringing an off shoulder white dressI  have a couple in my closet but I'm still searching for more pieces. Off shoulder outfits are perfect to show off your tan lines. And the color white has multiple purpose. One is that white or other light colored clothing bounces back light thus the chances of feeling hot is lessened. 

 Off Shoulder Embroidered Belted Dress - White Maxi Off The Shoulder Floral Print Cocktail Dress - White

White also looks good on the beach and coordinates with the white sand and the clouds and lastly, like I said I while back, it's a great color to wear if you want to show off that beautiful bronze/sun-kissed skin. Right? Right!

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