April 2, 2017

Be Inspired by the Elegant Downton Abbey

It is no secret that I am absolutely a fan of the roaring 20's era. Almost about everything related to I am a fan of. I am also smitten with events with this all things Great Gatsby-esque.  I've almost seen a handful of movies and tv  shows within the same theme and era. What I like best about it is the fashion. Although during those times, women tend to achieve a more androgynous look. But the intricacies and the detailing of their wardrobe are beyond imaginable and can't be mistaken to be ultra feminine.

Halter Long Sleeves Trumpet / Mermaid and Temporary Summer Simple Garden / Outdoor Dress

My favorite TV series are still on break and while on hibernation mode, I'm starting to watch new, current and old shows. One show that I've been inkling to watch is Downton Abbey. Besides Dan Stevens starring in that show and how interesting and intriguing its plot line, it is set in my favorite era. Moreover, the fashion for both men and women roles of Downton Abbey are impeccable. 

That made this show a common inspiration for weddings, especially patterned after the wedding of the Crawleys. I would also bring such touches to my own wedding in the future because who isn't in love with all things elegant, classy and vintage. From the moment I caught sight of this TV show, its perfect styling and setting had me swooning and I just knew I would love all the charming elements for my own. Anyway, that’s enough from me, I am going to hand you over to the lovely ladies behind the lens, Marcie and Kimberly… 

Let's start getting caught with the Downton Abbey fever and check out this modern take of a wedding dress from http://www.airmode.fr/simple-wedding-dresses-c126628/. Pulling together a period piece can be tricky but it couldn't be nicer to put some current touches to it just like the cut out shoulder details hence when in this era, people are still conservative. 

As for the other details of a wedding inspired by Downton Abbey, I suggest a partiality to neutrals, which are fitting for the era and the location. Like use old fashioned flowers including roses, peonies, hydrangeas, Queen Annes lace and plumosa. 

The cake  should be also soft and elegant. The entire event should capture moments of old fashioned love, romance and fun perfectly. Ok enough daydreaming, I should start to look for my own Dan Stevens a.k.a. Matthew Crawley so I can fullfil my Downton Abbey-inspired wedding soon!

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