March 31, 2017

Sangkap Filipino Restaurant by Chef Raymar Reyes

Fast becoming a go-to venue for straight up Filipino food with a delicious twist an exciting dining experience awaits at Sangkap. Located in Portico Alveo, Oranbo, Pasig City near Valle Verde Clubhouse and part of the restaurants by The Menu Group. Sangkap's celebrity chef Raymar Reyes takes on a modern rendition of classic Pinoy dishes from different regions in the country.  

Sangkap with its homey interiors and familiar sounding dishes plays right into the Filipino palate, albeit surprising its visitors with a lot more to offer in every bite. Your first try of each unique dish will be reminiscent of a home cooked meal but with a modern, more flavorful spin. 

Sangkap is a 2-storey restaurant with a combination of modern and local interior design. It is very noticeable by their use of rattan and wood furnishings. Chalkboard mural designs on its walls depicting familiar Filipino items. The cozy atmosphere is brought about by the use of the combination of natural light filtered by its ceiling to floor glass facade and the strings of light bulbs that hang from beams.

Most of Sangkap's tasty yet affordable dishes come in single and group portions. With best-selling dishes being featured on several publications and raved about by foodies: Cebu Lechon Belly Sinigang combines two famous Filipino dishes in one delightful dish, and has become a crowd favorite for its unique mango broth base and layers of flavor. Bagnet Kare-Kare is also among the best-sellers, a fusion of two distinct flavor profiles that blend so well together under Chef Raymar's able hands. 

I still yet to try those best-sellers; since during my visit Sangkap was launching their newest menu offerings that are perfect for the summer season. We got first dibs on their new Pinoy Merienda and Pampalamig - which are Chef Raymar's take on beloved Filipino snacks and drinks modernized to befit Sangkap's brand of cooking. 

Laing na Malutong - fried dumplings filled with a Bicolandia favorite dish - the laing. Laing is a vegetable dish made with dried taro (gabi) leaves, coconut milk, shrimp paste and chili peppers. It was spicy for my liking but the sweet coconut cream made from the reduction of gata and sweet soya drizzled over them somehow tamed the spiciness.

Adobong Manok Pate - The pate is made from chicken liver soaked in milk for hours and sautéed like how you would cook adobo and some cream cheese added to it. With this are also onion that were soaked in balsamic vinegar before being caramelized. A very gourmet dish with so much Filipino flavor, you can't be as Pinoy as Adobo right? I love the combination of the adobo pate with the onion as there is a balance of saltiness, bitterness and sweetness; definitely a good appetizer.

Pork Kinalas - Sagkap's local take on the Japanese ramen. The stock is made from boiling chicken feet, beef and pork bones which gives out that very gelatinous soup. Topped with meat boiled for hours, home-made pickled egg, veggies, chicharon and chopped spring onions. The meat almost kinda melts in your mouth but the broth was quite salty in my opinion.  

Batangas Lomi - thick noodles with pork, liver, chicharon and vegetable bits. Its broth is made from boiling pork bones for hours. Chef Raymar's constant visit to the Batangas area made him decided to include this in the new merienda menu but with his own take on it. He included meatballs, quail eggs and chicharon for added texture and flavor. I like this lomi especially that the broth's flavor was well balanced, not bland and not salty.

Lumpiang Hubad - a deconstructed version of the classic fresh lumpia, with a Sangkap twist. Fresh lumpia is one my favorite Pinoy dish and the presentation of this lumpia makes it very appetizing. Did you notice how it looked like a blooming flower? What I love about this is that they included bits of shrimps with the veggies and every time I bite onto a shrimp there's a nice burst of flavor. And the peanut sauce's consistency is just perfect.

Tokwa at Baboy - fried diced tofu with lechon belly baked then fried. They use the same lechon belly that they use for their sinigang. I like tofu a lot and the sauce that came with this dish had the right amount of sweetness and sourness. 

For Pampalamig, Sangkap offers classics that will take you back to your childhood days in the Philippines:

Sangkap's Halo-Halo - this halo halo is meant for sharing as this is placed in a very large  serving bowl! I think it can feed 3-4 people actually. 

Choco Ice Scramble - made with chocolate tablea, Milo mixed in shaved ice topped with powdered milk and chocolate syrup. This has definitely brought us all back to our childhood. I wish though that I can cover the entire top with powdered milk and chocolate syrup like how I used to do it back in the day.

Black and White Gulaman - shaved iced with cubes of black gulaman, milk and topped with vanilla ice cream. Adding vanilla ice cream makes this old-school drink kinda sosyal... hehe...

Saba and Langka Con Hielo - I have always loved the combination of sweetened banana and jackfruit. I can eat them as is but adding shaved ice and milk to them is a whole new experience. Definitely one of my favorites.

Exciting promos are also ongoing at Sangkap, including 2+1 Beers, Graduation Galore - a free meal for new graduates this March and April, and SangkapBugtong with each correct Pinoy Bugtong answer corresponding to a shot at winning discounts of Gift Certificates via a spinning wheel. By the way, you can also hold events like product launching, birthdays, baptismal and meetings at Sangkap; they have the equipment you need for those types of occasions.

With a diverse offering of Filipino food haunts catering to both the adventurous and those in search of classic Pinoy, a homey and spacious ambiance reminding you of home and regular promo offers, Sangkap is the next dining destination perfect for you – whether eating with friends, loved ones, or on a gastronomic adventure of your own.

Portico by Alveo, Captain Javier Street, 
Oranbo, Pasig City, Philippines
Contact No: +639175003187

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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