March 15, 2017

5 Make Up Look That Guys Love

At the time of beauty, women have a powerful weapon that works miracles: makeup. It hides the granites, disguises dark circles, highlights the look and what is even better, and enhances the natural beauty. Make-up is something that a woman can never miss. We all makeup to feel beautiful, enhance our attributes and, although we often deny it, we also do it to capture the attention of the opposite sex. The truth is that there are different styles of makeup, so you have to look which you will use to conquer the boy you like.

We all have our preferences when it comes to makeup. Many have their traditional style, and others love to innovate in colors and techniques. But what about men? Do you like faces with makeup? Men always admire the beauty of women and if they have a touch of makeup, much more. You need to keep in mind that men always prefer to see the woman more naturally, so try to make sure your makeup is not too loaded.

Here we tell you what they like when you wear makeup: Maybe these recommendations can complement them with your particular style and so you know what you have to do to conquer it.

1. Kissable lips:
You can love bright red lipstick, but try to do without it if you want to use lipstick that attracts a man. The Red Lipstick makes men feel like they are intimidating. Men are attracted to lips that look like kissable, and the red lipstick can be a bit uncomfortable. It can look good in photos, but men would prefer natural looking lips with a touch of color and shine. Instead of dull colors in red and burgundy, go for the gloss of tinted lips or a simple, pure sheen in baby pink.

2. Soft Eye Makeup:
Sure, it's fun to play with different shades and eyeliners of all colors. But the truth is that men prefer natural and simple makeup around the eyes. Colors like bright blue; green and yellow are a diversion to mem Adhere to soft and feminine colors like pink, brown and gray. For a more elegant look, try a dark smokey eye paired with a soft lip gloss. You can find different eye shadow colors that men would love to get wholesale cosmetics instead of at the department store.

3. Natural Face:
A man likes to be with a woman whose face can touch. But there is nothing more repellent for a man who feels a center of a woman whose face is caked in the base and dust. Even if you have some areas with skin problems, it is much more attractive than having thick clumps of cosmetics around the face.

First, never use foundation or powder that does not match your skin tone. Even if you do not use too much of it, the unsightly lines around your jaw are not easy on the eyes. The very important point is to choose a base that is based on your natural skin tone, given that the boys look unattractive to a woman who has a totally different face color since they make her look unnatural, that is one of the worst mistakes in makeup. Second, try to see if you can go without the base. Many times a good tan can hide imperfections just as well. You can also check out list real life for more information.

4. Natural eyelashes:
Forget the false eyelashes! While there are more and better applications of eyelashes, men do not like the artificial: artificial eyelashes and exaggeratedly long, excess makeup, excess silicone or anything else anti nature are ruled out. Use natural eyelashes with two layers of mask to make them stand out even more.

5. Little blush:
Men love sweet innocence with a little pink blush on the cheeks of the project. It makes women look for something fresh. Just a little blush does the trick, but make sure you do not do any eye makeup and apply only light luster on the lips, so you have a perfectly innocent, pretty and feminine look.

Always try to make up as you like, being always yourself, create your balance and the boys will fall in love with your makeup.

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