March 27, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 19

So I just wasted my weekend because of this stupid flu that I'm nursing since Friday night. Last week I also wasn't feeling all too well and had to miss a day from work; and I thought I'm doing ok but no, this flu is persistent and it finally caught up with me. Well, I don't have a healthy lifestyle at all and I'm not taking any vitamins either and chugging down more coffee than water, so that's probably why I got sick. 

Yesterday after work, I went straight to sleep so I will be refreshed before attending a foodie meet up near Valle Verde. I was able to function the whole time but I can't really mask the the feeling of sickness and I was sneezing like every 5-10 minutes. My foodie colleagues even went to some food park after that event at Sangkap, and me? I went home... Waaaahhhhh! I wanted to go with them but my body is failing me. 

Slept when I got home, woke up at 7:00 am this morning, slept at around 9:00 am (again) and woke up at 10:00pm... that is a lot of sleeping, but oh well, I need the rest even though I have a lot of errands to do, supposedly, today. I also need to get better because next week is a busy work week at the office because of a new process that is rolling off.

The handful of notifications on my phone. I'm asleep for almost 14 hours and I've got tons of notifs on my phone. 

This TSC entry using my smartphone while lying in bed. I was thinking of writing my review for Sangkap but that needs to wait, I need to rest. 

To "Paris" by Chainsmokers. I'm really not into this song but it is what's playing on Spotify. Not liking this song by Chainsmokers for the lack of meaningful lyrics and the melody is just so-so. But it contains two of the things that I really like: Paris and Martha Hunt. So yeah...

About nothing, really, my mind just can't function right now... 

Nothing! My nose is killing me and it's so congested and stuffed! :-(

That by tomorrow, I will feel way better

That this sickness will not go full-blown BAIAE...

A night slip... I wanna feel comfortable...

That I still got to attend the Sangkap event last Saturday afternoon. 

To do alot of things but this sickness felt like it was necessry for it to just show up and destroy my weekend plans.

To get better! I need to do a lot of stuff today and the following days to come so I need to get out of this rut.

sick. Like sick AF! The works: body malaise, congested nose, unproductive cough, low grade fever, headache... geesh... I hate being sick...

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