March 20, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 18

So, it's already Monday Manila time. I forgot to schedule this post; I thought I did auto-publish this before I went to sleep. Now I am awake 12 hours later and find out that this entry didn't publish automatically. Well, it is still Sunday in some parts of the world so this still counts. 

Warning, TSC entry is heavily loaded with Beauty and the Beast raves haha! So I just got home from the movie date I had with my officemates. It's supposed to happen later this Sunday night but we all decided to just do it on Saturday night instead. So after coming home from work and getting crazy and nervous while booking our movie tickets online (because they're selling out so fast), I went to sleep to atleast have some rest before our Saturday night out. 

I slept for like 4 hours, woke up, took a bath and prep. Then I started calling my friend to wake her up, after 15 calls she finally picks up and told me she just woke up. We're supposed to meet at 6:30 pm because our dinner reservations at 7:30 before the movie. Needless to say we were late and got to BGC at 8:00pm. Thank goodness the restaurant held our table for us.


Still not reading anything at the moment besides some random articles that I see on my Facebook feed and other articles I stumble upon while reading other articles online.

This entry and another review. I have no backlogs actually. *pats self on the back* 

What else?! "Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time)" of course! I personally don't like the new version by Ariana Grande and John Legend. It's too current or pop for me. I still like the original version by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson (which is on my playlist ever since). I always like the orchestral version - the one that they play in both movies, especially that one by Angela Lansbury. There's a good chance I'll listen to the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack on Spotify because I really like the 3 new songs that they have included in the latest  movie. 

About watching the movie again! Hahahaha! No, ok, it is decided, I am watching it again!

The roses!!! I watched the movie with my officemates at BGC High Street Cinemas in 4DX and the new feature of the theater besides the air/mist effects is the new lightning flashes, snow (!), rain (!), bubbles (!) and the scent of roses! That smell occurred like a couple of times during the whole movie and it was glorious! (you can check out what I'm talking about here and here). Oh man, you can imagine how happy we all were the whole time we were watching the movie. The movie tickets cost us a bit much but it is soooo worth it! I knew from the get-go that I wanted to watch it in either IMAX or 4DX. Glad that my friends agreed. 

That someday I will get to see the Beauty and the Beast on Broadway... *sigh*

That I will have a great week ahead (can't think of anything to be honest)

Lace up crepe camisole top, tapered dark denim jeans, nylon bomber jacket and white sneakers 

That I finally got to see the real-action movie version of the Beauty and the Beast after two years of waiting! I love it! Like every bit of it! I mean, it's my favorite Disney movie of all time. I can still remember the day I watched it back in 1991. Yes down to the last detail. I can write it down but I'm feeling lazy and you might get bored of it. So anyway, there's so many negative feed backs about the movie, of course from people with dark souls and unhappy childhoods (haha!). I'm like how can people hate Disney movies? Especially this one that is a classic. I don't know, I pity those people. As for me, I'm going to get a lot of hangover from this movie and will re-watch it. And hello, did you guys even saw Dan Stevens with those baby blues?! It's one of those movies that I have seen with the best casting, everyone was perfect! Emma Watson as Belle is a no-brainer.

To do eat Binagoongan at this hour but too lazy to go out and buy food. Besides, I'm still full from the dinner that we had at Sariwon. 

To sleep in a bit.

Elated. I don't know, after the movie, we just can't help but talk about it, sing etc. My friend and I even played the "Beauty and the Beast" theme song on repeat on our drive home. ( I warned you, I ws gonna talk about the movie for this entire post LOL!)

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