March 8, 2017

My Second Mumuso Korea Mini-Haul

Yes, I will admit it, I'm addicted. Addicted to Mumuso Korea's skin care products and make up (they even have their own rosehip oil brand!). I went back one night before I go to work, with the aim to buy another bottle of the Arbutrin serum because the one that I have running out. BUT, being me, I browsed through their beauty product section for a while and ended up getting 3 more items hahaha! I went to try more of their products because the first few that I bought did wonders to skin and the makeups are great as well. If you haven't read my first Mumuso Korea mini-haul and review, you can check it out here: Mumuso Korea Now In the Philippines.

If in case you haven't heard of this new store, Mumuso Korea is a fast fashionable leisure-lifestyle commodities store with a cute Korean flavor. Their philosophy adheres to a holistic lifestyle, affordable to everyone. They emphasize on quality while maintaining affordability. At Mumuso, functionality, quality, design, and value are the core concepts in every step, from initial product design to the final product on their store shelves.

Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel
Contains 92% Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. I have seen this the first time I went to Mumuso but didn’t bought until my officemate told me about the good reviews that she found on the net about it. I was actually going to buy the hydrogel type but it was sold out at that time so I went for this instead. The consistency of this gel is more liquid than solid. 

You know that aloe vera is a time-tested natural healing plant. Although the real thing doesn’t smell that great. It has long been known as a treatment for any skin irritations, sores, burns, sunburns etc. Aloe vera gel contains powerful antioxidants and can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. They can also improve skin condition and help prevent wrinkles. This gel formula also contains hyaluronic acid, pro Vit. B5 and Vit. E. I am familiar about hyaluronic acid because our consultant at the orthopedic clinic where I worked before injects them to patient’s joints. It is only lately that I discovered that it’s also good for the skin. Hyaluronic acid is helps retain collagen, increase moisture, and provide elasticity and flexibility. It also hydrates aged skin, helps reduce wrinkles, and treats sores, sunburns and wounds. While Pro-vitamin B5 has natural broad abilities to moisturize, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin.

I actually don’t use a moisturizer except for the Arbutrin serum that I have since most moisturizers makes my face super oily. It only costs Php 150 and the bottle is 400mg which is super cheap if you ask me. I have incorporated this in my daily skin care regimen. I put a good amount of this after I apply the Arbutrin serum and just let it dry, yep, no need to wash off. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and it really does hydrates my skin. One time after having my diamond peel done, there were several spots on my face that were red and swollen, I applied the aloe vera gel after washing my face and before going to bed. The following morning, the redness and swelling were lessened. 

I’m thinking of buying those face mask sheets that I saw at Mumuso and soak them in this Aloe Vera gel and use as face mask instead of buying those individually packed ones. So I can do face masking more often. 

Mumuso Oil Control Spray
I saw this from’s post about their Mumuso Korea feature and got curious. I have combination skin, sometimes oily and sometimes dry. Yet most of the time, especially when I’m wearing makeup, it tends to be very oily. The label is written in Korean so I can’t understand any of it, but there’s another label in English but only gives out the ingredients and how to use it. It says it contains extracts of Opuntia dillenii (prickly pear), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) and lemon.

Opuntia dillenii as commonly known as prickly pear cactus and its pulp and juice are considered treatments for wounds and inflammation. Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) is one of the most widely used and extensively researched essential oils. Besides its refreshing scent tea tree oil include cleansing properties and used as a topical antibacterial. Hamamelis virginiana or American witch-hazel is used to treat swellings and inflammations. Lastly, lemon, as we all know has many beauty benefits. It whitens, reduces oil secretions and pimple-causing bacteria, thus revives dull and dry skin. 

The label says you’re supposed to spray it on your face and pat cotton or tissue to remove the excess. The spritzer was quite hard to press so I don’t spray it on my face directly. I spray it on my palm and then apply it to my face and just let it dry. It gets easily absorbed, leaves a nice sheen and also makes my facial skin soft and smooth too. It smells super nice too, the sweet and citrusy scent reminds me of Summer. 

After I use this, I then apply makeup. Using it for two weeks, I did not notice any great deal of effect but I seldom retouch like I used to. Though I noticed that some of the cystic pimple that I seldom get don’t last for a week anymore. I think with the skin care regimen that I’m doing now together with this oil control spray, my skin is now in a better state. 

Snail Moisturizing Hydrogel
The use of snail slime to improve skin dates back to ancient Greece, where Hippocrates, the famous physician, reportedly prescribed crushed snails and sour milk as a way to rid the skin of inflammation. In more recent times, the use of snail creams started when Chilean farmers who handled snails for the French market noticed their skin was visibly smoother. Nowadays, it is the secreted slime discovered by these farmers that is harvested to produce snail cream, not crushed up snails.

I have heard a lot of good things about creams that have snail secretion filtrates. It claims to restore damaged and wrinkled skin from UV rays of the sun by forming a healthy moisture shield. It also soothes and moisturizes irritated skin.  

I did some little research and snail secretion filtrates is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans. All of these nutrients are already commonly added to beauty products and are thought to provide many benefits to skin. This cream means it can reduce inflammation and redness, stimulate skin regeneration, and lock moisture into the skin.

I like the beauty product line of Mumuso since most of it are plant or naturally-derived. Which means less chemicals and more of this earth’s natural gift to us. I will definitely go back for more of these skin care products. 

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- UP Town Center - Diliman, Quezon City
- Farmer's Plaza - Cubao, Quezon City
- Starmall - Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
- Eastwood Mall - E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Quezon City
- Ayala South Park Mall - Alabang, Muntinlupa
- Venice Grand Canal - Taguig City, Metro Manila
- Bay City Mall - Poblacion, Batangas

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  1. why is the My Third Mumuso Korea Mini-Haul + Review not clickable?? more reviews please..

  2. I just published it a while ago. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. "I’m thinking of buying those face mask sheets that I saw at Mumuso and soak them in this Aloe Vera gel and use as face mask instead of buying those individually packed ones. So I can do face masking more often."

    i've been searching for reviews for how to use the aloe gel (bottle). if i can use it as a facial mask

    1. I use the aloe vera gel (bottle) as a daily moisturizer before putting make up on and as a face mask too (using the expandable face mask sheets that I also got from Mumuso, refer to 3rd Mumuso haul) you must soak the sheets pretty well though. Btw sometimes I use the hydrogel (tub) too and the snail hydrogel

  4. Any feedback with the snail hydrogel? Thanks

    1. i gave it to my friend, i'll ask her for some feedback

  5. Im curious with the snail moisturizing hydrogel too. How was it on ur friend's skin?


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