March 24, 2017

Pablo Cheesecake Mini at BGC High Street

Pablo Cheesecake is Japan’s most popular freshly-baked cheese tarts and it has opened the first flagship branch in Manila last September 2016. People went nuts about it because, well, it is popular in Japan and it's made of cheese. Who doesn't love cheese anyway? Learning that it is new and the only branch that they have opened is only in Robinson's Place Manila, I knew I had to put off in trying these cheese tarts that are making so much buzz. I'm not patient enough to line up for it. 

Pablo Cheesecake originated in Osaka, Japan and was brought to the Philippines by the Suyen Group, the same company behind Bench, they're venturing on food now, I see... It is a home-grown Japanese dessert store that has several branches in Japan and abroad. Besides their classic cheese tarts, they also offer other pastries, cheese puddings, cookies, drinks, and soft served ice cream.

The first branch is in Robinson's Place Ermita (which looks bigger) and later last year, they have finally opened their second branch in BGC High Street. I also procrastinated trying them even if the second branch is more accessible for me,  because of the handful of negative reviews I have seen and read online. But each has hisp own preference, so some would like it, some would not. I felt the need to try Pablo cheese tarts after trying another brand a couple of weeks ago, because I want to know which is better (I will save that for another blog post though). 

It was only last Sunday that I finally got to try them. Good thing there wasn't such a long line when we visited. There were like 4 people in front of me when I lined up. They don't have a restaurant per se but the branch is mainly for the bakery and the counter. Yet, there are seats on the side of the store where you can occupy to enjoy their products. As for me and my friends we just ate them while walking to the cinema because we don't want to be late for our Beauty and the Beast movie schedule. 

I never intended to buy the big cheese tarts because I know we can't finish it all and it's a bit expensive; instead I opted for the minis. I like the Pablo mini as they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and I'm avoiding the umay factor as well that the big tarts might give me. The flavors I got were the Mini Cheese Tart Plain, Mini Cheese Tart Choco, and their latest flavor the Mini Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart. I didn't get the Macha flavor since I'm not really a fan of green tea in desserts.

Mini Cheese Tart Plain - I'm not sure if what type of cheese Pablo is using for their cheese tarts but from doing a little research, I read they are using Mascarpone cheese, heavy cream and cream cheese. In Japan, you can choose your cheese tarts like a steak, rare and medium rare, but in Manila they are only offering the medium rare which is slightly firmer one. The crust was ok and was super soft that it breaks easily. The consistency of the cheese filling was super gooey unlike what the press release says that it's medium rare. I don't know though if that only applies to the bigger tarts. The cheese filling was yummy and straight up your face cheese flavor. Among the three flavors that we got to try, all of us agreed that this was the best variant.

Mini Cheese Tart Choco - I like that this was milk chocolate and very creamy. Although I can't taste or tell if there was cheese mixed with the tart filling. This was the least that we liked, it was an unanimous decision. I personally like my cheesecake with fruits like blueberry and strawberry, probably the reason why I was not a fan of this variation.

Mini Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart - this newest flavor blends pureed strawberry with the classic cheese base topped with roasted marshmallows and sprinkled with crushed Pistachio nuts. I'm not sure if this is a seasonal flavor or would be a permanent item on the menu. This was very rich and creamy and became everyone's second favorite. The marshmallow and pistachio nuts added a good texture to the rather gooey strawberry-cheese filling.

It was nice to finally get to try these famous cheese tarts. They were ok in my very honest opinion. I was a bit disappointed at the consistency of the filling because it was more like crème brulee than like an airy, fluffy filling. I also hope that they have a box for each tart or for a box of three. Because what they have is for only a box of six and if you're not ordering 6 they will only put them in a paper bag. Considering how delicate and how easily these tarts breaks, putting them in a paper bag isn't  a good idea. For its price, having a mini box wouldn't be so much to ask, I think. They have done it for their cheese pudding, so why not have them for the tarts too? Just my two cents.

B2, Unit 977 – 979, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: 09279169425 / 028101775

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