March 3, 2017

3 Summer Wear Essentials Besides A Swimsuit

It’s freaking March already! And you all know that signals summer in this side of the world. Though since this country lies in the tropics it is basically 365 days of summer in the Philippines. I haven’t got any concrete summer plans yet but I’m already making some plans. 

Speaking of plans, I am the type of girl who plans my trip down to the last details and that includes what clothes I would bring on a certain trip. Like for example, if I am going to somewhere where the weather is a bit cold then I would bring apparel that is appropriate and would not bring swimwear or clothes that would not keep me warm. 

But if I am hitting the beach I usually bring a couple of swimwear, shorts, tank tops, rompers and dresses. I have now been a fan of jumpsuits especially the short ones as they are very easy to wear and style. I don’t need to bring more separates and think about how I would pair a short and a top. 

Playsuits were immensely popular in the 70’s and 80’s. And lately they have made their long-awaited return on the fashion scene. The combination of versatility, comfort and stylishness is definitely the winning combination. This practical but trendy piece of clothing can be worn in myriad of ways. These rompers for sale also comes in various styles like with and without sleeves and different necklines. 

Of course summer or beach parties also abounds. It is either you don royal blue party dress or sexy white party dresses  which will depend on the beach party’s color motif. Blue is reminiscent of the sea and great for full moon parties while white is awesome for day until dusk. 

When it comes to the question of how you would wear them. Well the possibilities are endless and it will always depend on your style. You can go minimalist, with statement jewelry or other bold accessories. There are actually no rules as long as you’re having fun. 

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