March 30, 2017

Holiday Fashion: A Resort Style Guide

If there were a survey to be conducted all around the world asking people what their favorite time of the year was, it is safe to assume that the majority would vote for the holiday season. Any time off work spent on a trip that is meant to unwind and rejuvenate you is a great time indeed. However, after you have put your finger on a particular destination and picked your resort, it is time to get those suitcases packed, and we are here with a concise yet encompassing guide on how to look your best – resort style. Let us hop to it. 

Do Your Homework
If you are traveling to a destination you have never been to before, one of the essentials is that you learn about the climate. So, for example, if the humidity levels are high, make sure you pack light and breezy as far as fabrics go, which means, only natural, breathable materials like cotton and silk (for the nights out). Linen and jersey blends also travel well.

There Can Never Be Too Many 
You guessed it right, we are talking about swimsuits. From two-piece suits to stylish (and very on trend this season) one-piece ones, to retro pin-up and boho inspired prints. Even if you are a minimalist at heart, this is not the time to be stingy with color, so do not be afraid of going all ‘tropicana’ when swimsuits are at stake.

A Matter of Manners
Surely you will not be prancing around the resort in your bikinis. You could, but it is just a matter of manners and respect for the other guests, whether they are in the lobby, reception desk or taking a ride in the elevator alongside you. This is where proper resort wear comes in the picture. If you cannot be bothered to put on actual clothes, luckily there are at least twelve different ways of wearing a sarong. With this little item, you will not only look sexy and stylish, but proper as well. Another easy-breezy item is a kimono; it can be long or short and as colorful and bright as you want it. It is super trendy, flattering and breathable, and it is the easiest thing you can put on when switching from beach to hotel or a beach bar. Yet another great solution is wrap skirts which are making a comeback, thanks to the ‘90s nostalgia, or you can just throw on a linen tunic and you are good to go.

Step Aside, Accessories Are Coming Through   
Big summer hats, you simply must make room in your luggage for them. Shades to match are also an absolute must, accompanied by wedges and flat sandals. Of course, you cannot possibly head anywhere without a great resort bag. It can be a simple beige woven tote, a drawstring backpack, the choice is yours, but do not head out without one. If your plan on sightseeing, light sneakers or even lighter espadrilles should definitely make the cut.

Take me Out!
If evenings out are on your agenda, you have to dress the part. A romantic dinner calls for an elegant yet light cocktail dress. Perhaps you can go with your favorite LBD, or go bolder and pack a red dress. On the other hand, if your nights include clubs and dancing, short and breathable summer dresses (preferably not bodycon as they do not let you breathe) are your best choice. 

Do not forget about sunblock and your makeup and skincare essentials, and most of all, now that you are ready to dress to impress, do not forget to have a great time. 

Guest Post by: Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design,  he worked from many local fashion companies as a trend forecaster. Beside fashion, he loves traveling and roaming through vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his own styling business.

Thanks a lot for this article Peter!

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