March 12, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 17

Skipped one Sunday of my TSC series, forgivable? Yep. I was craving sleep last Sunday that I had to give in and it resulted to an almost 14-hour sleep! Man, imagine how much my head ached after over-sleeping (if there's such a thing). Anyhoo, not much ganap has happened this weekend. I was busy setting up my internet connection yesterday until today. I know a little bit on how to set up and troubleshoot but sometimes, you can't really find what's causing the problem.

Since I don't have any events to attend to this weekend, I spent it doing all the errands and things-to-do that I've been putting off for days. I also spend this day as my "me" time. After coming home from the mall, I immediately went straight to doing some DIY pampering. Treated my poor hair with a hair treatment that I just bought, did my nails, my eyebrows and some body salt scrubbing while taking a shower. Those were badly needed and I'm glad I finally got the time to do them. Later before I go bed I'll apply some face mask using my Mumuso Aloe Vera gel and the eye mask that my office mate gave me. 


Articles in Wikipedia for some random topics that I want to learn more about. You know like the little nitty-gritty details. 

This TSC entry and a restaurant review. I have catch up on all backlogs but one. I will probably finish the restaurant review tomorrow.

To Troye Sivan's Youth. That song has spelled a lot of what ifs and it gets to me. Just like all the songs that are on repeat in my music player. I also love the beat and the video which depicts living life the YOLO way.

About what local destination I should go to, to use my Cebu Pacific Get Go points. Choices are: Cebu (for Bantayan Island), Tagbilaran (for Kalanggaman Island) or Puerto Princesa (as a jump off point for El Nido or Balabac).

The top coat nail polish for my nails. It smells awful, but I like using this because this makes my nail color lasts for a week, sometimes more than a week. 

That there a pause or slow-mo button for the weekends. I swear it was just Friday a while ago!

That I get to finish all my mandatory E-learning deliverables for work-before the 15th. 

Just got home from the mall and still in my jeans and ceramic print blouse. Barefooted. 

That I finally got to the almost all the errands that I need to finish and have some DIY pampering sesh. 

To lie down on my bed now and catch up on my TV series: Riverdale, Girls, Criminal Minds, Six and Shooter (my two new favorite series, ever!)

To buy get a hold of that Aloe Vera Moisturizer from Mumuso. It's their best-selling product and is always out-of-stock. It's cheaper than that of Nature Republic but equally effective. Also, I need new contact lenses because the one I'musing right now are getting blurry and they're causing my eyes to tear up. Apparently the store where I get my contact lenses doesn't stock them with grades higher than 300. I have to order them and return in 3 days to pick them up. I'll probably go to a larger mall and hope they have my grade.

Sleepy.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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