February 27, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 16

Nothing much is going on right now. This week I went to two foodie meet-ups and saw some of the Zomato foodies that I have seen in months. I don't get to go to much of the Zomato events since most of them are held on weekdays and won't fit with my schedule. It was nice to do some catching up with them. They're really fun and cool people have around. 

Anyhoo, I'm also feeling under the weather since my upper back has been hurting for a week. The pain is originating somewhere in my scapular area and it's killing me. One time at work, I really went out to the convenience store beside our office building just to get some Salonpas and stick a couple of them on my back. They gave some relief, temporarily. I sed to have episodes of this before and what somewhat cured it was when I did some Yoga stretches. I might try out that one today and see if the pain will diminish.


Thought Catalog and some articles I've stumbled upon my Facebook feed, my weekly dose of Heart and Brain. Also I got into some reading spree about some creepy online articles about serial killers sh*t. Too much for watching Criminal Minds. 

A couple of blog posts. I'm glad that I'm done with the articles I need to write for our office newsletter. I haven't received any feedback from EIC though, since they're busy prepping for next week's events at the office. Our counterparts from the US are visiting this week that's why. 

To the soundtrack of Riverdale. The soundtrack is a mixed of contemporary, indie and classic songs. I've been seeing a lot of articles posted on Buzzfeed about this TV adaptation of the popular Archie and Friends comics, and for someone who was soooo addicted to Archie comics I can't let this series pass without seeing it. More of this later. But for now, you can check out the list of songs here via Spotify.

About where to go this Summer. I mean, I can never let this Summer pass without hitting the beach just like what happened last year. Not gonna happen! It's so over due. I'm thinking of going with people I don't know, you know like those group trips that I see being offered online. I'm not afraid  or whatsoever, it's just that sometimes I don't feel like mingling or gets quite lazy to mingle. But I know going on trips like that will open doors to new experiences and new acquaintances. 

Coffee as always.

That my upper back pain would go away. It's really killing me. 

That I get all the payments from all the promotions that I wrote early this week. 

The linen shorts and tee.

The new CW TV Series Riverdale! So like what I said, I've been seeing a lot of articles on Buzzfeed about this new series and I got curious. I mean, of course, for someone who, back in my elementary to high school days, would save up her weekly allowance so that she can buy a new Archie comics or Betty and Veronica comics every weekend trip to the mall. So I just checked one episode out just to see if it would get me hooked. And yeah it did got me! I know, I know, it's the from the same people who made Gossip Girls, Vampire Diaries, teen shows that are lame and shallow for some (*rolls eyes* I love GG though), but hello, Archie and Friends?! I've been a fan my entire pre-teen to teen life and I've never imagined that there would come a day that I would see it come to life. Although the TV version is soooo different from what I've grown to know. This series is quite dark, complicated and very modern. I'm quite shattered to my core to see my favorite Betty and Archie not so much of the good girl and boy next door, and Veronica has a soft and kind heart in her. Anyhoo, you just got to watch it. And don't let me get started with Jughead (Cole Sprouse), he's the complete opposite of the character in the comics, and in my opinion, among the boys in the series, he's the hottest! Hahaha!

To eat Sinigang na Liempo, the one with lots of kang-kong, gabi and super sour!

To do yoga to ease this upper back pain. I'll probably do it after publishing this.

Excited for Tuesday's IHOP Philippines event, #NationalPancakeDay2017

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