February 23, 2017

Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials for Every Fashionista

What exactly makes someone a fashionista? A true fashionista uses their wardrobe as a canvas to display what they perceive as art. Yes, clothing can be art! You can truly tell a lot about someone by how they dress. But while a true fashionista has her own unique collection of pieces and outfits to throw together, there are certain essentials every fashion-loving person needs in their closet. But first, what exactly makes a piece of clothing an essential?

A wardrobe essential is an article of clothing that is trend-proof, versatile, and an “outfit multiplier” according to The Chic Fashionista. An outfit multiplier is an article of clothing that allows you to create multiple outfits by mixing and matching. The best way to think about wardrobe essentials is to think of them as a blank canvas. Start with one piece and build your outfit from there. So just how many of the following wardrobe essentials do you have in your closet? 

A Blazer
Heading out for a night out on the town? Or maybe you have a business meeting to attend. Believe it or not, there’s one wardrobe essential perfect for both occasions. But before you run to the mall and dole out cash for the first blazer you find, you want to be sure you find the right one. Not all blazers should be treated equally! 

When shopping for a blazer, think neutral. Black is likely the best way to go, but white, grey, beige, or cream could work too. You also want to find a blazer that is fitted but not tight at the shoulders with a hem that lies at your hips. Also be sure to find a blazer with sleeves that fall about 1-2 inches past your wrist. Finding the right fit makes a huge difference when adding a blazer to your wardrobe.

Ballet Flats
Painful heels aren’t an absolute requirement for pulling an outfit together. Comfortable shoes are practically a necessity in the world of style and no woman should miss out on the opportunity to choose comfort whenever possible. Your best bet is to o with a patent leather black ballet flat, because they truly go with just about anything. Whether you’re dressed down in jeans or dolled up in a mini skirt, ballet flats are a simple way to complete a look. Plus, they truly never go out of style!

Bold Accessories 
No outfit is complete without accessories and bold pieces are a must-have for any fashionista. It’s important to use your personal taste and style when deciding what accessories you want to spend your money on. It’s also important to recognize that accessories are a lot more than just necklaces and bracelets. A true fashionista has a closet full of scarves, cuffs, rings, necklaces, earrings, headbands, and chokers. Don’t be afraid to go for bold, bright, unique, and flashy accessories. They can truly transform an outfit!

Little Black Dress
This one’s a given, right? Every woman just has to have a go-to little black dress. It’s up to you to find the right one for you, your style, and your body type. The wrap dress is one of the all-around best dresses for all body types, but some women may prefer a tight-fitting body-con dress while others feel their best in a fit-to-flare. The right little black dress is a true “outfit multiplier” because accessories, jackets, belts, and shoes can transform the seemingly simple piece into a killer outfit. 

Solid Tank Tops
Another wardrobe essential is actually multiple kinds of the same piece: solid tank tops. You’ll want to have several tank tops in neutral colors, some with thin straps, and others with thick straps, to wear on their own or underneath other tops. You don’t want to be faced empty-handed with a too-sheer top and a lack of undergarments or an open cardigan that needs a simple companion. Not to mention, eclectic outwear paired with a simple tank top is the perfect way to add flare to your favorite pair of jeans. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure you have exactly what you need when it comes to tank tops. Gap, Target or Old Navy are perfect places to find cheap but chic tanks!

White Fitted Button-Down or Blouse
Similar to the blazer, a white fitted button-down shirt or blouse is an absolute must have for all occasions. A crisp, white top pairs perfectly with jeans, a skirt, or even leather leggings. It can be tied up around the waist or tucked into your go-to professional pants. The key is finding a good quality shirt, although likely one that needs to be dry-cleaned. You can even bring out your inner tom-boy and add a tie or bow tie for a truly unique look. There’s so many ways to dress up a white button-down. The hardest part is finding one that fits you just the way you like!

Denim Jacket
Finally, the one wardrobe essential you absolutely can’t live without is a denim jacket. This is another piece that’s absolutely worth the splurge. When it comes to finding the perfect denim jacket for you, you’ll want to keep your personal style in mind. You can go for a more polished, vintage denim look, or you can step outside of the norm and splurge on a destroyed, patched or even dyed denim jacket. A denim jacket is essential because of its versatility. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, trousers, skirts, or even dresses. Just be sure you find that isn’t too stiff and fits you properly, similarly to how a blazer should fit!

Guest Post by: Dana Nikolic

Dana is a passionate author from Croatia. She currently lives in Norway, where she works part-time as a personal trainer. Dana best expresses herself through writing and is also an active contributor for the HuffingtonPost. Check her out on Facebook and Twitter

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