February 23, 2017

Why Long Dresses are Perfect

Prom season is probably an occasion that high school students look forward to the most, especially those who are in their junior and senior year in secondary education. Back in the day, to get inspiration for what you would wear on prom night, we rely on magazines like Seventeen or Candy. I envy girls now who have the internet, blogs and Pinterest to use as a tool for them to get style inspirations. 

Some have their dresses made and some buy off-the-rack. I can’t say tho which is cheaper. But if you don’t have enough time you can always rely on online stores to get prom dresses at cheap price. I’ve browsed so many sites that offer dresses that are in-trend. So that’s also a good option if you’re on the look for something to wear for your upcoming prom festivities. 


Most proms are formal occasions thus it requires wearing long dresses. I like long gowns because  i can wear super high heels with them which will make me look taller. Long prom dresses gives petite girls like me the elongation that we desperately need.


But if your prom does not require you to follow any particular dress code, then you can also opt for a short prom dress. Wearing a short or long dress can give you both the illusion of being taller than your normal height.  For short dresses they greatly showcase your legs especially if you are going to pair some strappy sandals with them or even stiletto pumps will do the work.


To be able to look fabulous on your prom night make sure to choose a dress that say a lot about your own style, matches your body type, complements your skin color, fits you well and that you are comfortable wearing it especially that you will do a lot of dancing that night.


You might want to check out lisadress.co.uk for the dresses featured here and more of fashionable prom outfits.

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