February 19, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 15

It feels so gloomy today because it’s been raining all night. I really don’t like it when it’s raining. For one I hate the cold weather, I mean, can’t it be just cool and not too cold? Though I must confess I got a good sleep. I slept for a good 12 hours this time around haha! This oversleeping on Saturdays is becoming a habit. It’s ok though, at least I am giving my body the rest it needs after a week of under-sleeping. The week that passed was such a busy one. I mean, it was only Wednesday and I felt like I had already worked 5 days. And talk about the Valentine’s Day too. Unfortunately, it fell on a weekday and on a pay day. So you can only imagine how heavy the traffic was. Good thing that I have foreseen it and left the house earlier than usual. 

I had so much fun last Sunday when I went to my officemate's house in Pateros. It was their town fiesta and it has been years since I got to experience any local festivities. We walked from their place to the main part of the town to meet one of our officemates and since a lot of people was there it was super hard to pass the streets. We got caught with the procession of people parading the statue of St. Martha so we were forced to walk behind it. Before we turned into a street to take a shortcut to my friend’s house, people started throwing snacks and we tried catching some. I didn’t catch one but my other officemate gave me one of his. There were also sidewalk vendors selling different kinds of stuff, Kirk and I was able to buy those rings you stick at the back of your phone as a holder. We got it  for only 20 pesos each! They usually sell them at 50 pesos to 100. So we were happy with that little purchase. And ooohhh we went to the local carnival too! Some of us gambled but I was so astonished with the old school Ferris wheel and octopus rides (but didn't get to ride them). After that we went back to Paola’s house and we ate, drunk, gambled and laughed our asses off until around 3:00 in the morning. Man that was soooo fun!

Btw, my internet connection sucks… it’s has been like this for a week now and won’t be repaired until next week. My gosh, is there any good internet connection left in the Philippines anymore? Or is it really that hopeless?!


Articles from Thought Catalog as usual. And my weekly dose of Heart and Brain web-comics for some laughs. I don’t feel like reading a book at the moment. Nothing catches my fancy.

This TSC entry, my second Mumuso mini-haul (read the first one here), my 3rd Zaful haul and the last article I need to submit for our office newsletter.

To Boyce Avenue’s and Megan Davies’ acoustic cover of “Starving”. Love this version, kinda soothing than the original. 

About my future plans and how to make them into reality. 

What else? But coffee! If Edgar Allen Poe can’t write without his alcohol, I can’t write without coffee within hands reach.

That I’m on some island, lounging on the beach and digging my feet onto the sand while I watch the sunset.

That it doesn’t rain in the coming days. I hate it when it rains!

Tattered denim shorts, a yellow Zara shirt that my friend Jay gave me with Lady Gaga printed on it. He thought it was so girly, so he gave it to me (he bought this at Zara’s men section btw).

The mini-haul that I did at Mumuso Korea! I swear I am crazy addicted to the beauty products at this store. They’re effective and very affordable. I will be blogging about them soon. I’m actually gonna write the post after I publish this TSC entry. For now you can read about the first haul here.

To do eat Pasta Alfredo and Garlic & Shrimp Pizza from Yellow Cab but I already had my cheat day meal so yeah… not gonna happen.

To have discipline. Like sleeping on time, waking up on time, eating healthy food, do more walking, etc.

Lazy. I’ve been going out every weekend and this weekend I decided I am not going out besides going to my monthly derma session.

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