February 24, 2017

The Utter Romance of Lace

On my way to work yesterday, a friend sent me a chat message asking me about how to plan a wedding. I got stop on my tracks because I did not know what to say. It’s not that I do not know the answer. It is because I do not know where to start. Having and planning a wedding seems like a piece of cake but really it isn’t. I’ve freelanced as a wedding and events coordinator a few years back and believe me, it ain’t easy. (That is also why my friend first went to me for help, by the way).

I always wonder how come our parents and grandparents were able to wed back in the day and weren’t as stressed and without all the fuss just like of today’s weddings. But I guess our generation gives more attention and details to the events of their lives compared to how it was before.

I told my friend first and foremost to have a set budget. By then they have to decide for the venue, church, caterer and the photo/video. Since these are the most that will take parts of the budget. And then I said, “And yeah, your wedding gown too…” To which she replied, “Gosh I haven’t thought about that… what do you suggest?”

I suggested for lace wedding dresses and in a serpentine cut. Lace is very elegant, timeless and dreamy (she’s going for a vintage boho theme). And a serpentine cut because it is the most figure flattering for all the body types. She said she loved the idea and will consider them. 

Wedding dresses for future brides should also be the first to be accomplished while planning a wedding; especially if you’re eyeing a certain designer. Intricate and elaborate wedding gowns take time to be completed, some even take almost a year. 

But if you’re not really particular about your wedding dress there are a lot of options and you can also look for off-the-rack or online for affordable or cheap wedding dresses. And there a lot that looks exactly the same from those that celebrities have worn. 

I'm a few minutes away from work so I told her to just hit me up anytime she has a question or needs ideas for her wedding. She replied "I surely will, thanks Jen!"

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