February 6, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 13

Well, the highlight of my week was when I met up with one of my best high school friends, had dinner at Ramen Kuroda at Venice Grand Canal Mall before I go to work last Thursday. We talked over dinner, about what's happening with me at the moment and his too. It's so nice that there are people in your life that despite distance and not talking regularly, whenever you're with them, as if time never flew. The way you talk to them or the way you treat each other were just like the good old days. Well, he's like a good older brother to me, even though we're of the same age. 

During this moments that I realize how God blessed me with true friends. They may not be a lot, but He did give me the best ones. I also have male friends who I can say I love them and mean it like how much I love my real brothers. I think that's kind of a rare thing nowadays, where most people can't even say those 3 words. I'm glad that I have friends who always have good listening ears and do nothing but encourage me. I couldn't ask for more. I'm so lucky with the friends that I have. 


The latest Heart and Brain webcomics. I'm addicted to this comic series, probably because I find heart too cute, it melts my heart and also that I can super relate to it. 

A couple of blog entries. One is about my travel essentials and some restaurant reviews, as always. Also this TSC entry. 

To "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. This is my favorite song from this band. I just like the melody and somehow the lyrics. Well... I can really use somebody right now. I've been very busy with work that I don't get to spend time with people that much. Uhm, I've been going out most weekends but the weekdays are more focused on work. Also, I love the lyrics which says: "Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep. Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat. I hope it's gonna make you notice..."

About nothing, really. I didn't go out this weekend except to go to the food tasting event last night. All my balikbayan friends already left. So I have this Sunday all to myself; which is ok since I get to rest and spend my time doing nothing. 

The Kare-Kare (beef peanut stew) that my sister cooked for lunch. It's one of my favorite Filipino dishes. 

That I can do a lot of traveling this year. I hate that I didn't get to book flights during Cebu Pac's Piso Fare promo because I can't get in to their website. Bummer, but oh well. 

That my allergic rhinitis will respond to the meds I'm taking. I'm taking these meds like candy and somehow they don't work the way they're supposed to. I don't know if it's the meds or the office carpet is really that nasty that the allergens are stronger than the anti-histamines. 

The usual clothes that I wear when I'm home. 

That I finally got to try Ramen Kuroda. My officemates and I have been planning to eat there but everytime we go to Venice Grand Canal mall, this place is always packed with people. I'm not really a fan of ramen but their meal sets are super worth it for the price. Love their sushis by the way. That's one of the Japanese dishes I will never get tired of eating. 

To go to my dermatologist today for a facial session, but I'm feeling too lazy to go out. Also since it's Sunday, for sure there's a long line there and I don't have the patience today to wait for my turn. That's why I usually got there on weekdays. 

To get enough sleep moving forward because I always get sleepy at work which greatly affects my productivity. 

Sleepy... must be because of the anti-histamine I took a while ago. I woke up again with a bad case of allergic rhinitis. This time my eyes were itchy too. So I cleaned my apartment, swept and mopped the floor hoping that will reduce the allergens. 

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