April 20, 2018

Countering The Bad Rap That Come With Hair Extensions

In today’s world, it’s surprising that there are still people who are living as if they are in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. You know people that are so conservative about everything and are so much afraid of the changes happening with just about everything. And this does not spare people who want to look good and employ products that were used to be appalling to society. A lot of shaming has come with making one look better. Unfortunately, whether it’s good or bad, shaming will still go one’s way. It’s like damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

For crying out loud, it’s already 2018 but up until now, our society has been dealing with charlatans. Tabloids, magazines, social media and the internet are laden with horrifying pictures of celebrities and common people who have used eyelash extensions, hair extensions and other beauty enhancers that have cause damaged to them. But seriously, these things happens because the handling and maintaining these beauty enhancers in a proper way. 

If you want to install eyelash extensions or hair extensions or heck, to even have plastic surgery, the decision is always up to you. It is your body and you can do anything with it. You just need to be mature enough to take in consideration the pros and cons of doing so. Do you need to find the need to convince others about your beauty enhancing decisions? You actually don’t have to but if you have to, here are the ways on how you can do that. 

The top most thing that you can do and this is applied to almost everything that needs major decisions is to educate yourself which in turn will educate others about it too. It is the modern times and the power of the vast information on the internet is in your hands. When you know how extensions work, it is easy to see why extensions are totally safe, and how they can damage hair if misused. Extension-wary people might not understand the mechanics of extensions, which can cause apprehension. Forums even give firsthand experience about using hair extensions and such, both good and bad yet equally enlightening. 

Hair extensions have come a long way, it has gone from synthetic and plastic-cky looking to super natural real Brazilian hair And being able to write about hair extensions myself, and having gone to the ends of internet researching about them for my articles/blog posts, I was surprised that there are a handful of types of hair extensions out there in the world. Each having a purpose and need that will fit anyone’s specific needs. 

Hair extensions can be “do it yourself” or you can buy hair extensions online like from RebeccaFashion and go to a salon and ask a hairdresser to help you put them on. Be vigilant and always ask questions especially when it comes to maintenance and assessing hair health throughout the process. There shouldn’t be any damage to hair if hair extensions are installed correctly, but if there is any sign of distress, you’ll be able to take care of it at the follow-up appointments at your favorite salon. 

And it’s always good to remember that hair extensions are human hair.  From full head hair extensions to hair bundle with closure. hair extension companies nowadays uses hair that came from real women with varying hair types. So there’s no problem in choosing one that is just like your hair. Learn how to take care and maintain your hair extensions. That being said, when people learn that about you using hair extensions, they will not judge you by it and here’s a huge reason for them not be skeptic about it and might even convince them to use hair extensions too. 

In the last few years hair extensions have become more acceptable, while you don’t want people to know your hair isn’t real, hair extensions are all over the place.  Everyday women are wearing them, people know how to spot a girl who has them in and it’s no longer this big hush hush secret. Through education and experience, you can help wary friends and families come to realize what positive things hair extensions can do.

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