April 16, 2018

My Fourth Mumuso Korea Mini-Haul

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Mumuso Haul review, and I’m back at it. Well, I’ve been regularly buying stuff from this lifestyle store since its launch in the Philippines. Getting probably 1-2 products at a time and only just a month weeks ago that I was able to get a few stuff in one purchase. I mean, if I’m running out of something that I got from Mumuso, I can just walk to the store on my lunch break and get it. So a few days ago, I was tagged by a friend on this post regarding Mumuso calling the brand fake or counterfeit and was warning people about it. I was like, Hmmmm… In the many times I’ve been at the store, I never found anything that bears the name of any other famous brands out there. Yes the packaging looks like some of those other brands. But that doesn’t mean they are fake. 

Most of the products are made in China. So what? Almost everything nowadays is made in China. It’s nothing new. If this is surprising to you, then have you been living under a rock all these years and that you are not aware China is the largest manufacturing and exporting industry in the whole wide world. I saw this post on their Facebook page: “Mumuso is a lifestyle brand that is inspired, developed and conceptualized by Korean trends and culture. Our goal is to provide the best products that will give you the most value for money. Our products undergo careful quality control and have passed stringent FDA registration procedures. You can select from our wide selection of home and personal accessories, gadgets, toys, cosmetics and skincare that have become a favorite of many.”

Ok, let me just get this straight, I am not defending the brand. It’s just that I am not going to be a hypocrite and I admit I love buying affordable stuff from Daiso, Japan Home Center, Saizen, Miniso and Mumuso. Probably I just like to spend my money where I’ll get more of what it is worth. I mean I don’t go around picking money bills out of trees or ask them from my parents, I work for it, I extend my working hours at times too. Also, I am not brand conscious, as long as a product serves me the purpose that I need, I don’t have any problem with. And then if it doesn’t, then I discontinue buying or using that product. 

So enough of the rant, and let’s get to business. These are the items included in this haul: 

Tea Tree Balance Liquid 
This Tea Tree Serum utilizes excellent skin penetration abilities to remove excess oil while cleaning the skin. It also helps in minimizing acne and reducing skin pores, resulting in smooth and delicate skin. If you’ve read my other blogs featuring Mumuso, you very well know that I am a big fan of their AC Serum and that made good effects on my skin. Some of my officemates vouch for it too. But the last time I was at Mumuso, I noticed that they offer more serums now, a total of 5 if I’m not mistaken. So I thought to myself that I would try two of the new serums. Since I still continue with adult acne once in a while, I bought the Tea Tree Serum with the knowledge that it is known to cure or help cure acne. 

The first thing I noticed is the new and sleeker packaging of the serums. The bottles have the same dropper but they are now in clear ones. The smell of the serum is something that I didn’t like, it smell like some cough medicine. I don’t know if this is how tea tree smells but yeah, I’m not a fan of it. The serum is quite sticky too; you have to massage it all over your face for quite a few minutes before it gets absorbed by the skin. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now but unfortunately it has not made so much effect on my skin and the acne. I don’t know if it is my lifestyle and the stress, but one pimple after the other still keeps popping out of my skin. I’m just finishing this bottle and would likely to buy the AC serum next time around as that makes changes to my skin than this one. 

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Liquid 
This serum is a perfect moisturizing complex that helps repair skin surface. It also enhance and smoothens wrinkles caused by aging. Best of all its fresh texture suits almost all types of skin and in both dry and rainy season. I’m quite familiar with Hyaluronic acid since I worked in an Orthopedic/Rehabilitation Medicine/Sports Medicine/Rheumatology clinic in the past and now as a medical claims reviewer. My knowledge for hyaluronic acid is that it is being used, usually via injection, for joints that are diagnosed with various types of joint disorders most specifically including osteoarthritis whether primary or traumatic. This is naturally-occurring substance in our bodies, but as we age the ability to produce it also diminishes (together with other factors of course).

Due to continued study it has been found to have profound effects to aging skin and helpful for treating burns and skin wounds. The hydrating part is attributed maybe because this substance serves as a lubricant to joints as it has a powerful properties in moisture-binding. This, unlike the Tea Tree serum gave me noticeable effects. My skin is a combination of dry and oily and being exposed to air-conditioning that isn’t humidified for long hours which leaves my skin drier than usual. This helped me lessened that. I use this twice a day, before putting on makeup primer and after cleansing my face.  The texture is also different as the serum is not sticky at all and easily gets absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t have any strong scent too. There’s a great chance I’ll be buying this again. 

Lace Perfume 
I’m not really big on perfumes, but of course I always want to smell good. The thing is, almost all of the perfumes I’ve used most of my life are given by family or friends. I rarely buy them on my own. But this lovely perfume from Mumuso is just 99 pesos that I can’t say no to. I’ve tried a couple of their perfumes but this one stood out. The smell is just right for generation. It doesn’t smell anything like those perfume your mom or grandma would use (too sweet floral smell) and not too teeny bopper smelling too. The fragrance has charming floral notes. The top notes: wild berry, green orange, tuberose heart notes: strawberry, violet, rose and base notes: amber, rosewood, and musk. It comes with a really nice cardboard packaging just like expensive or middle-priced perfumes. And the bottle is just so cute with that lace ribbon around the cap. Knowing that this is a cheap perfume I would usually spritz a handful and the scent unlike other cheap perfumes actually stays on my clothes and skin for hours. So I guess, this is just a good buy. I am on my third bottle now and I’m alternating it with my Victoria’s Secret perfume mist.

Charming Moisturizing Lipstick
I bought this lipstick since I run out of a neutral shade of lipstick that I can use every day. I have lots of lipsticks and still received a couple more during last year’s holidays; but most of them are in bold colors that I don’t feel like wearing when I’m at work. This lipstick is just 99 pesos too so I don’t really have high hopes for it. It’s a decent lipstick, the finish is glossy and gives out a great color but the staying power is not something you can’t count on. Either way, for its price, I guess it is ok for everyday wear.

Dazzling Double-End Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow pencils from Mumuso has been a staple presence in my makeup kit. I love this eyebrow pen because they have a shade that I really like and that works well with my skin tone and hair color. Some of the drugstore brand eyebrow pencils that I’ve used in the past gives me either a super dark brown or reddish shade. The pencil sticks are long and fills the entire barrel. I also like that there are two sizes or shape in just one pencil. One end is thick and flat for shading or filling in the entire eyebrow and the other end is super thin which is best for outlining the eyebrows (before filling them in). It doesn’t come with a spoolie brush but that’s not a problem with me since I have a couple of spoolies and slanted brush that I can use to soften the color and for blending. And take note, this is priced only at 99 pesos too. What a steal, if you ask me.

So there you have it guys. What do you think of this haul? Have you ever tried any of  Mumuso Korea's products? What's your take on them? 

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