April 18, 2018

How To Achieve Coachella-Perfect Boho Hair

Coachella's back to back weekend events has concluded but the hang-over lingers. It is probably the most famous arts, fashion, style and music free-spirited festival there is in our modern time thanks to some famous millennials and Gen-Zers of our time. Having the California palm trees and soft sunshine of early spring as your backdrop can't get any dreamier. It's as if you're transported to another dimension altogether. Most of us can only dream of attending this well documented and talked about event. 

What I love about this festival though is the fashion. It is basically anything and with Coachella, there's no such things as too much. There’s also unspoken rule that one's head to toe outfit should find its traces to its dreamy Bohemian roots. It has become so popular that in the past couple of years everything, and I mean, almost everything is Boho chic. I can't even fathom how many parties that I have attended back in 2016 and 2017 with a Coachella/Bohemian theme.

Another thing worth talking about is the hairstyles of Coachella attendees. From crazy haircuts, hipster/dapper (for men), pigtails (and all kinds of them), bobs, lobs and the ever famous space buns. But some hairstyles are undoubtedly entwined with Coachella: wavy beach curls long hair, moonlit mermaid waves, and a lot of braids in all types and sizes. 

Many times we envy the girls who can rock a short or medium length haircut because of how much time and effort to style long hair. But with the Boho theme in play, we can’t just simply discard the power of long and dense hair because this will allow you to make hairstyle choices because you have the right hair to work with. To create that look that is like one travelled from the 60s hippie era you must curl them into opposite directions and set in a beautiful but messy way. These Coachella hair trend looks best if they are full and long. You can do that by adding some Brazilian hair weave bundles. This will also give you the opportunity to add random strands of braids. And speaking of braids, crown braids are also famous among Coachella goers. Using hair extensions will help you attain that especially if you have short hair and/or thin hair. 

We’ve also seen a lot of color on hair since the birth of this festival and Kylie Jenner with her blue-colored wig. You can use human hair wigs in bold colors sparing you the hair damage and leaving you with just with just the right amount of edge and the most authentic Coachella vibe. From pastel washes to technicolor wigs, there were countless ways for Coachella attendees to display colorful hair on the valley grounds. 


Human hair bundles with closure will give you instant length and volume if you want to achieve that uncomplicated, breezy, fresh off the beach moonlit mermaid waves look. Just add some glitter, hair trinkets or if you have the money to spare top that with some pretty stunning mermaid crowns to combat your flower-crown fatigue. 

Even if we are not living the Coachella Cali dream in real life, it is still nice to experiment with hairstyles and hair extensions that wouldn't necessarily function in the real world. Hope you’ll find some inspiration from this blog post. 

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