April 25, 2018

Gorgeous Hairstyles You Could Do With Hair Extensions

The internet is an endless abyss for any information that you want to look up. I mean just about anything that comes to your mind, and need more info on, I'm pretty sure you can just type it away on your browser and it will return and bombard you with what you need and even those that are irrelevant to your search.

Same is true with beauty and fashion, you ca look everything about them: trends, latest, popular, forecasts and inspirations. As for me, my go to internet platforms are Pinterest and Instagram when it comes with beauty and fashion. I also like looking around them especially when I want to achieve a certain look for a future special social gathering that I am invited to. 

When it comes to hair styles for a new haircut inspiration or hair do for a special event, Pinterest is the first thing that comes to my mind to if I want some major inspo and if I need me some DIY it too. I just love the hairstyles that I see on there. Thus here is a roundup of gorgeous hairstyles that you can do with the aid of hair extensions to make them look lux and head-turning:

Mermaid Hair
There's no denying we all love a good ol’ classic braid. We may do a simple three-strand braid, but seriously we can get tired of it. So what do we do? We to pile more braids on top of more braids until we are left with what we know now as the mermaid braid. The classic mermaid braid works best on long and thick hair because mermaids are often depicted with very long hair. And achieving several braids, your hair must be thick. So if none of these hair qualities aren’t in your possessions, you can use real Malaysian hair extensions as these types of hair extensions are very luxurious, with medium to high luster and that they are very strong and can hold any styling extremely well. Malaysian hair is also considered heavy or thick with medium and coarse textures when compared with other human hair extensions.  Peruvian hair. It is extremely silky and has a beautiful natural shine.

Bangs and Ponytails
If you’re like me who’s been feeling in the mood for a bit of a fringe. Bangs, especially the full ones flatters almost any face shape. Bangs are bold and blunt, and ponytails are sleek and tight. I just love both these two styles as they complement each other well. Take the cue from Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. With this style, you could use a lace frontal hair extensions. It is the perfect one as this has cover the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. The lace frontals has an  unmatched styling versatility as you can cut, dye, curl, straightened and restyle it as you like.

Crown Braids
Ahh, the crown braid, it is the best headband and represents a carefree summer look. It adds statement texture to your updo that is seen from every side. I love the thick ones as they are more prominent. To attain such thickness, you could use bundles of hair extensions to thicken your hair density. 

Big Soft Curls ala Victoria’s Secret Hair
Probably my favorite hairstyle of all but has not achieved perfectly. My hair is pretty long yes, but it is not thick enough and doesn’t hold curls that well. If I am to employ all my power to accomplish that I should likely get me some body wave hair extensions. Body waves have been made with a consistent deep "S" pattern through the entire bundle of hair thus making them easier to curl and retain curls at the same time too. 

I have a lot more hairstyles that I saw on Pinterest that will be phenomenal with the addition of hair extensions, but let’s save that for another post shall we? Most of these hairstyles would fit formal occasions like weddings, proms or any red carpet worthy gathering. Some are surprisingly wearable on any given and casual days. What do you girls think? Anything here that you want to try out?

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