May 18, 2020

Cook-It-Yourself Packs of premium coffee grounds and hotcake mix now available in McDonald’s!

Manila, Philippines — In case you missed it, McDonald’s has made it easier to prepare meals and snacks at home with Cook-It-Yourself Packs of Premium Coffee Grounds, Hotcake Mix, Hot Fudge Topping, and so much more! 

Get it now at select McDonald’s stores through Take-Out and Drive-Thru as it’s available for a limited time only! See the full list of Cook-It-Yourself packs below:

Coffee Grounds (80 g or approx. 7 cups) - Php 99 per pack
Hotcake Mix (1 kg or approx. 27-28 servings) - Php 149 per pack
Hotcake Syrup (1 kg) - Php 199 per pack
Tonkatsu Sauce (1 kg) - Php 199 per pack
Mayonnaise (1.5 kg) - Php 399 per pack
Hot Fudge Topping (2 kg) - Php 399 per pack
Caramel Topping (2 kg) - Php 399 per pack

View the list of participating McDonald’s stores at and follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook to stay up to date on all announcements.

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  1. Coffee & hotcakes are perfect pair for breakfast. I just hope that McDonald's is near us.

  2. Good thing we can enjoy Mcdo desserts at home! From: @irenemamiit (IG)

  3. Wow must try! From,Ig:@kcdagreat30


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