May 7, 2020

Enjoy K-BBQ at Home with Hodai's Samgyup Delivery Service!

I’ve been working from home and sheltering in place for more than seven weeks now. I am grateful that I am able to work from home and provide for my family whose livelihoods have come to halt brought about by the national lockdown. And honestly, I don’t have many complaints about the current situation, unless it’s about the injustices towards health care workers and the lack of proper help distribution and corruption of the government (mostly LGUs) . But there’s a lot of things that I miss doing while working under quarantine.

For quite a bit, I miss seeing friends on a face-to-face basis, attending blog related events and eating out. Especially eating my favorite dishes that I or any of my family members can’t cook at home. I have seen so many posts on my social media asking what people want to do or want to eat once the community quarantines in place have been lifted. And a lot of them answered that they want to eat Korean BBQ or samgyup with their friends and/or family.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing that such a practice will be possible in the world’s new normal. Eating samgyupsal, siting on a table so close to one another and sharing utensils, nuh-uh, will not be possible for God knows until when. But here’s some good news for K-BBQ lovers out there. You can now enjoy cooking and eating samgyup at the comfort of your own homes with Hodai Japanese Korean Fusion Buffet Restaurant’s Samgyup Home Delivery Service! Rejoice everyone!

Yangnyeom Woosamgyup
Gochujang Woosamgyup

Originally, Hodai is offering unlimited Japanese-Korean Fusion dishes. The word “hodai’ in English is “All you can”. takes on a new concept of a modern buffet styled setting. Wherein it’s like a sit-down dinner, but food is served in a limitless way, until you are full to the brim. If you want to know more about Hodai, you read my full feature here: Hodai: Japanese Korean Fusion Buffet Restaurant.

Herb Salt Woosamgyup
Plain Samgyupsal

But since dining in is not probable, Hodai, and probably in collaboration of their sister restaurant Yakikaicame up with their very own ala carte Samgyup Delivery Service for you to have your own samgyup grilling at home! It's nice if you have your own samgyup flat grill at home, but you can also pan fry the meats or create your own grill.

Gochujang Samgyupsal
Yakiniku Sauce Samgyupsal

Hodai’s Samgyup Delivery Service is available from 10am - 5:30pm (you can also pick your order up if you live near the area). Here’s how to avail: call or text them at 0956-460-5848 / 0920-234-1200 or you can message them via their Facebook page (but call or text is the fastest way to reach them); book a delivery service via any of the TNVS delivery service available (Lalamove, Grab Delivery or Hoyride delivery; they can do this for you too) or pick it up at their restaurant); then enjoy your own samgyup at home!

Lettuce (free)
 Garlic slice (free)

For orders above PHP 1000, Hodai offers free delivery plus 6 kinds of free side dishes which includes: 100g Lettuce, Garlic slices, 80g Samjang sauce, 80g Cheese sauce, Sesame oil sauce and 1pc fried chicken leg quarter. While if you order above PHP 700, you will be charged PHP 50 delivery fee and comes with 5 kinds of free side dishes: 100g Lettuce, Garlic slices, 80g Samjang sauce, 80g Cheese sauce, and Sesame oil sauce. Although the  Free Side Dishes are subject to change. They deliver in Quezon City and Manila near QC; but if you’re not from this area, you can ask the restaurant if it’s possible to deliver to where you live. 

Free Sauces
 Samjang sauce
Sesame oil sauce 
Cheese sauce 

My order was delivered here in Pasig via Lalamove and everything was neatly packed and put in a huge plastic bag. I had 6 different kinds of meats:Herb Salt Woosamgyup, Gochujang Woosamgyup, Yangnyeom Woosamgyup, Plain Samgyupsalm Gochujang Samgyupsal and Yakiniku Sauce Samgyupsal. Plus 2 large cups of kimchis, 2 boxes of California rolls and Mango rolls; and I also received 6 free side dishes: 2 cups of cheese sauce,  2 cups of Samjang sauce, 2 cups of Sesame oil sauce, 2 plastics of fresh lettuces, 2 plastics of garlic slices, 1 roasted chicken leg quarter, chopsticks, plastic forks and tissue papers. 

Chicken Leg Quarter (free)

Good thing that we have a portable flatbed grill at home which my mum bought a few months ago. We cooked and ate them at my mum’s house, but we didn’t expect the amount of meat was so much, so we weren’t able to finish everything in one sitting. My brothers then cooked some of them by frying them on a pan as their “midnight snack”. Good thing that there were more meats left the following morning that we still have some to cook for brunch. 

California and Mango Rolls (ala carte)
Kimchi (ala carte)

I am so happy to finally eat some samgyup and at the comfort of our house as I have been craving for some KBBQ for some time now. The sound of sizzling as the meats are being cooked on the flat grill was music to my ears! The plain and marinated meats were so good even without dipping them on the available sauces.  Also, with lettuce or with steamed rice! All thanks to Hodai!!!

If you’re craving for some KBBQ, wait no more and order from Hodai! I’ve written down their contact details and uploaded the menu photo of their Samgyup Delivery Service below:

14 Examiner St, Brgy.
West Triangle, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 0956-4605848 / 0920-2341200

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
 HODAI Unli Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. This looks so yum. Thanks for this post, baka next week magpadeliver na rin kami <3

  2. Tala MartinezMay 06, 2020

    Sarap! Craving! Nakakagutom ang blog na ito.

  3. Wow, foods look delicious. The recipe you included is a great help. Gotta include on our quarantine food trips. 😊

  4. Ann JayseptMay 23, 2020

    wow all foods look so delicious,love that ��


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