May 25, 2020

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 24

After six months, I will finally have a long weekend. I know, I know, everyone is on lock down, and every day feels like a long weekend. And I know, for some, have even lost track of time. You don't know what day it is, heck, what date it is even. But I am working from home (very grateful for that), and to be honest, since the lock down, I feel like, work hours have been longer, and most times I forget to take my scheduled breaks. And believe me it's not only me experiencing this. 

I'm kinda feeling the cabin fever. I have not stepped out of my apartment for almost 3 weeks now. I dont have anywhere to go either. Damn, I envy those who got stranded Siargao or near the beach. I've been watching this family on Youtube and some people I follow on IG who got stranded in Siargao and my envy level is like off the roof. It's so hot and humid lately, that I wouldn't mind if I am on the beach. And lounge on the sand or on a hammock like I did in Siquijor as I watched the sun set (pictured above).

Today is Memorial Day and usually this time of the year I'm on a trip to somewhere and most likely the beach. Earlier this year, I planned to go to Port Barton in Palawan, but because of this shit virus, that was cancelled. But definitely, Port Barton is my first destination, when this crisis is all over. 


Still reading and reviewing The Notebook by Ms. Karen Faye, a UK NMC CBT reviewer.

This TSC entry and I'll see if I have the drive to write some pending travel posts that I've been procrastinating to write. I still have to write some of my travels from two years ago. Like my visit to Siquijor and Dumaguete. When I'm writing my travel blog posts, I usually reminisce those trips and I get transported back. Right now, I just can't wait to it the beach and watch sunrise and sunsets hours on end. 

If I am awake, I dont usually listen to music now because it's either I am watching news on Youtube or I'm watching a series on Netflix. But when I lay down and lull myself to sleep, it's either I listen to Ocean waves playlist or something mellow on Spotify.

I wasted my long weekend sleeping, is it bad? That I just rested and slept most of the time? I can't help it, I will try to complete some things to do and then I get bored and lazy and then I lie down on my bed and sleep. 

The Selecta Mango-Mochi ice cream that my brother gave me. It's really yummy. It's vanilla and mango ice cream with little mochi balls. 

That it rains. Last week, there was a typhoon and it rained for like 2 days. Now it's back to being hot and humid. 

Still this: That a vaccine or a cure to the current illness that is making millions of people suffer, all over the world, will be finally be discovered. So we can all go back to the normal life that we used to know. Plus, I'm so itching to travel again! 

I'm home in my apartment, so I'm wearing the usual tank top and shorts.

Having a three day weekend! Woot!

To travel again. I can't reiterate enough how much I love to go to beach, especially with this weather/heat. 

Full, I just had my midnight snack eating Indian mangoes. 

To finish household chores, but I'm procrastinating LOL

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'til next time loves!

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  1. Kristel Yamzon-OlivaMay 25, 2020

    Same feeling po. :)
    Right now ang gusto ko is magpunta ng beach. Nakakamiss lang yung mga panahon na nasa normal life pa tayo. Kahit san lugar okay lang walang takot sa virus. Hays. I can't wait to back in a normal life.
    Kaya mganda talaga investment din ang traveling. :) Sarap balikan ang memories at iba yung yung experience e. :)

  2. Right po, parang feeling ko tuloy wala ng weekend.. Parang parepareho lang mga araw ngaun. ����

  3. Hoping na sana matapos na tong crisis na to, at makabalik na tau sa normal na pamumuhay.

  4. I reall want to travel din or go to the beach! I miss the feeling abd the calmness it brings, also the smell of beach! They say im weird for loving the smell of beach, but if you grow up loving beach i think it's normal �� love your blog ��

  5. Praying that everything will be alright soon 😇. i wish I could sleep all day like what you've done. Im sure super refreshed and recharged ang pakiramdam after a nice long sleep. Sana talaga maging okay na ang lahat so we can move freely, without that fear na baka mahawa tayo. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ms Jen.

  6. Tala MartinezMay 25, 2020

    Praying that everything will be alright soon ��. i wish I could sleep all day like what you've done. Sarap ng mangga, dahil nalagas ang mga mangga namin dahil kay Bagyong Ambo, ilang days na mangga ang pagkain ko =)

  7. We all want to go back to normal 😭 Keep safe and keep sane (hahaha) poooo 💪


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