May 11, 2020

In-Depth Tutorial To Perfect Black Smokey Eye

A lot of women stay away from dark, heavy & dramatic makeup looks since they are not too sure how to execute them. Are you one of them? If so, you're in luck since today we will teach you how to do a dramatic black smokey eye! This article is beginner-friendly, and with our steps, you will be left with the most stunning & long-lasting makeup, perfect for any glamorous event! Keep on reading and dare to create!

How To Do A Black Smokey Eye In 7 Steps
1. Do The Eyes First
It is important to do the eye look first since there will be a lot of fallout. Avoid your face makeup and simply wipe off the fallout & residue with a wet wipe once you are all done! Make sure you prime your eyelids and use a high-quality eyeshadow base or a concealer. The base will help with the longevity of your eyeshadow, and will make it pop even some more! Dab the product in with a flat brush before you proceed further. Make sure that it is a bit sticky before you apply shadows.

2. Add A Black Shadow
Once your base is on, it is time to do a black eyeshadow. Apply the prettiest, richest & the most long-lasting matte black shadow that you own all over your eyelid. Use a flat brush to set it in place. However, apply a darker brown in the crease with a round fluffy brush. Make back & forth swiping motions and add the product gradually. You can also add a light brown just below your brow bone. Underneath the brow, make sure you add a highlighting shade & also make it pop in your inner corner! This will open up your eye look.

3. Get Some Luscious Lashes
If you demand longevity and you are off to a party, your prom, or a wedding - make sure you get lash extensions! These will come in handy for any dramatic looks + they are way more sturdy and trustworthy than glue-on lashes or any waterproof mascaras! Simply book yourself a eyelash appointment 2-3 days before your event, party, or whatever it is where you may be going! Lash extensions are applied & customized per your preference on top of your natural eyelashes. Once glued down, these will stay on for 2 weeks straight! This is great if you plan on taking a bunch of pictures + you want high-quality treatments.

4. Do The Bottom Eye Part
Once you are done with the top portion of your eye makeup, move onto the lower part. Place a dark brown eyeshadow on your lower bottom eyelid. Dab the product in and make sure that you use a dark matte brown shade. Once you are satisfied with the smokiness, add your favorite black gel liner into your lash line. Make slow & precise motions to get that feminine & flirty look. Once done with every step, add your favorite mascara onto your bottom lashes! PS: There is no need to apply mascara on your upper ones since lash extensions are already voluminous & long on their own.

5. Now Do Your Face Makeup
Once your eyes are completely done move onto your face makeup. Wipe away any fallout with a clean tissue and make sure that you're working with a clean base. Add your favorite primer, high-coverage foundation & concealer! Use a sponge to apply all of your favorite liquid products. Once done, move onto powders. Set your entire T-zone with your favorite matte powder, and don't forget the blush, bronzer & highlight! Take your time & be precise since face makeup can be tricky to blend.

6. Go For A Nude Lipstick
The best lipstick solution is always a good old trusty nude! You can choose either a matte, satin, gloss, or liquid lipstick. The choice is entirely up to you. However, make sure you use a dark brown lip pencil to outline the corners of your lips. This lip pencil should be 1-2 shades darker than your chosen lipstick. Make sure that your chosen colors look cohesive together and try to blend them in with your ring finger for the ultimate look!

7. Set It In Place
Lastly, it is time to set your masterpiece in place. You should use a setting spray so that your makeup lasts throughout the night. Women who have naturally drier skin should use a hydrating & illuminating setting spray. Women with oily skin should use a matte setting spray. Move it away from your face and spritz 3-4 times! You can also carry this makeup item with you and reach for it during the night. It will keep your makeup in place while making sure that your skin is hydrated & nourished at all times!

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