June 5, 2020

How To Look For Signs Of Pests In Your Home

Pests in your home can be a costly thing, especially if there is an infestation. In addition to the pest removal costs, you may also have to pay for damages they may have caused before handling the infestation. Pests, like mice, can destroy house furniture and belongings as well as contaminate everything they touch with a myriad of diseases. You can call pest control to handle mice removal, but the best way to reduce pest control costs is by prevention. By knowing how to detect signs of a pest infestation in you home, you could be saving yourself millions of dollars in the long run. Here are some things to look out for when searching for signs of pests.


Know Where To Look
Look for places like the kitchen, anywhere that you have appliances and the garage. The kitchen has a lot of pipes that feed into it from all over the house. This can give pests a point of entry, especially since the kitchen is their food source. Look in your laundry room, utility room, basement or attic. 

Those places are warm, easy to access and typically low on foot traffic making it a perfect home for a pest. Your garage is probably the place you will most likely find pests if you have an infestation. Think about it. Your garage is super easy to get into. All they have to do is wait for the door to come up or down and they are in. With that being said, if you find a pest in your garage, do not freak out just yet. Find pests in your garage is a sign that they are near.

Pay Attention To A Build Up Of Dirt
A buildup of grime and dirt on your walls and other areas around the house can be an indicator of pests. You may find greasy looking smudges or dirt on the walls in which case it may have come from a rodent’s body rubbing against your walls or home furniture. You may also see crumbs and even hair left behind.


Pay Attention To Droppings
You may also see droppings when you have a pest infestation. Check out places around your house like the attic, crawl spaces and the basement for droppings. Though you may not want to pick apart their droppings, you can find out what kind of pest you have by their dropping size and shape.

Pay Attention To Holes And Gnaw Marks
Look for holes in your floors or tiny scratch marks as that can be an indicator of pests. The pests could be nesting in those holes and the scratch marks could be from the pests running back and forth across your floor. You may also find gnaw marks on cardboard boxes in your pantry or electrical wires. This is very indicative of a mouse or rat infestation.

Listen For Sounds
If you hear strange sounds like scratching, scutting, squeaking or whining in your home, especially at night, you could be dealing with an infestation.

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