June 11, 2020

The Best Pigmentation Removal Treatment For Tanned Skin

The skin obtains its color from melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells. Once the cells are damaged, excessive melanin production occurs in certain areas and thereby causing the development of the dark spot to the affected areas. For several years, effective pigmentation treatment has been a challenge for many individuals. Common skin pigmentations include melasma, sunspots, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Early treatment is essential to avoid them developing deeper to a point they become difficult to treat.


Effective treatment begins with early intervention. The cause is identified, and an accurate diagnosis gets administered immediately. All dark spots look typically similar; however, trained eyes can differentiate these spots. Different pigmentations need different approaches, settings, and also protocols to treat them effectively. An individual can also develop more than one of such problems; for this reason, appropriate treatment is needed to avoid worsening the situation.

Usage of safe and clinically proven treatment products can offer the best results. They target only the affected areas within the skin to provide an effect. Below are four proven pigmentation treatments that work best for tanned skins to try out.


Chemical peel
It’s one of the proven treatments by expert medics. A chemical peel involves the usage of different natural extract concentrations to reduce dark pigmentation. It works by removing the top damaged skin layer along with the excessive accumulated melanin. Chemical peel also helps in the regeneration of new and healthy skin tissues. Based on the skin type, a dermatologist will choose the best chemical peel that will work best. The dermatologist will also recommend the number of sessions to use the treatment considering the severity and cause of the pigment.

Laser toning
Various pigmentary concerns get effectively treated using laser technology. Laser toning is the best option to reduce melisma, macular amyloidosis, suntan, age spots, acne marks, and many other skin problems. The technology destroys excess pigment with precision. The skin debris is eventually removed by the immune cells to provide you a clear skin tone.


This is a popular exfoliating non-chemical procedure that employs tiny particles to get rid of the dead skin. It’s a non-ablative treatment requiring no significant recovery time. The results from microdermabrasion treatment are modest in terms of improving the skin tone. It’s best for milder conditions and promises better results to improve skin discoloration appearance.

When talking about tanned skin treatment options, hydroquinone has been there all through for several decades. Hydroquinone is obtained in concentrations of either two percent or less. The ingredient works by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that facilitates melanin production. Results can be noticed as early as two weeks. However, depending on factors like the extent of the condition, a visible difference can be anticipated from eighth to twelfth week.

An effective treatment is prescribed after the cause of the pigment has been identified by an expert dermatologist. It’s crucial protecting your skin from further pigmentation no matter the procedure you use. Get a clear skin tone from the best market pigmentation treatment options.

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  1. been trying so hard to know what kind of treatment should i take to get rid of my awful scratches and scars but upon reading this, little hope suddenly embraces me. 🙈 i'm a morena but i hate how dark my elbows and knees are. I'll be taking one of your suggestions here to let me achieve my fairer skin tone. Hihi ❤️

  2. AWESOME.Im having a melasma, plus pimple marks and lines under my eye, i wish i coud try this.

  3. Im having a pimple marks,melasma,and a lines under my eye,wish i could try this,Awesome

  4. Dermalmd skin lightning really does work for my freckles only after 10 days using it twice a day. My skin tone improved dramatically very supple and glossy. I don’t need to use foundation to hide dark spots anymore!


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