June 3, 2020

Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best honeymoon destinations as of late. Why? Well, it’s got a great climate, many things to see and do and plenty of opportunities to be romantic with your spouse. No matter what kind of couple you are—adrenaline junkies, foodies or relaxation seekers—you’ll love Singapore and all this city has to offer. If you need some extra persuading, here are some of the best things to do on your Singapore honeymoon:


See the city from above
There’s no better way to truly take in the city than seeing it from above. Singapore Flyer is one of the most famous tourist attractions that allow you to view the city from 165 meters above sea level. This location will provide you with plenty of excitement and photo ops so it’s a must.

Take a walk among giant trees
If you love long walks, make sure to visit Garden by the Bay. Grab your spouse’s hand and take a walk among exotic landscapes speckled with tall tree-like sculptures that will provide you with a magical light show after sunset. Once you get tired, you can enjoy some food in nearby restaurants or grab a cup of coffee in local coffee shops.


Eat as much as you can
Now that you’re married, you can finally forget all about your diet and really enjoy all the tastes of Singapore. This island is small, yet it offers amazing food that takes inspiration from cuisines of China, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asian regions. And don’t forget to try delicious Singapore wines that pair perfectly with their huge variety of desserts.

Get naughty
After all, this is your honeymoon, a time to be intimate whenever you like and explore each other’s fantasies like never before. Getting naughty in Singapore is not a hard task. If you feel especially playful, make sure to check out a good sex toy shop in Singapore and order some fun toys for both of you. These toys will only make your connection and communication better and there’s no better way to start your marriage than with something that helps you live your best married life.


Go on a romantic cruise
If you want to boost romance during your trip, you must escape to the river and go on a river cruise. There are both day rides and night rides, and no matter what you choose, you can see all the famous landmarks, museums and old Boat Quay shops.

Relax in Clarke Quay
If you’re looking for a lively night out, hit Clarke Quay. This colorful place is brimming with life, lights and happenings. Located along the Clarke Quay river, this area of the city comes alive every night and both locals and travelers hurry there to check out the bars, pubs and restaurants. Once you get tired of the bars, you can head outside, find a spot near the river and enjoy the sunset. For an even better effect, grab some street food and enjoy the best delicacies of various cousins of the world.


Shop for some memories
It’s time to spend some money and bright home plenty of memories from your honeymoon. Once you feel like shopping, make sure to hit Haji Lane road, a street filled with various unique boutiques that offer quirky designer clothing, jewelry and accessories. Make sure to explore spots like Drunken Balloon, SSFW and similar (you can find plenty of things for yourself, your partner and loved ones at home). The street is covered with eye-catching murals so even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll have fun and make sure great memories.

After an amazing wedding, it’s time to have an even better honeymoon and Singapore will definitely provide. Take these tips and you’ll have a romantic, fun, active and unforgettable honeymoon.

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